Top 10 Shocking Leaked Game of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers

The sixth season of Game of Thrones is right around the corner, and people are more excited than ever to find out exactly what lies in store for the show’s last seasons. After so many cliffhangers and memorable deaths in the show’s closing episodes, there is finally an opportunity for us all to get some closure and see where we’re heading next. There are loads of Game of Thrones questions to be answered. Who can we expect to see returning for the next season, where will these story arcs be taking place, and how many of our favorite characters will have to mercilessly die to keep Westeros safe?

Leaked casting information, set photos, writer interviews, and leaked script information has given us a pretty good idea of season 6’s direction, and now we just have to wait for it to unravel. But what spoilers have us the most excited to see exactly how the next season is going to unravel? Here are the top 10 Game of Thrones season 6 leaks that will make you crazier than the Mad King. You’ve been warned, there are some serious spoilers past this point, so don’t blame me if you lose your head, Ned.

#10 – Rickon and Bran Continue their Story

Rickon-and-Bran-Continue-their-StoryRickon and Bran have vanished for a season in order to focus on the other looming problems of Westeros, but it looks like season six will be the return of their stories: albeit with different actors! Because both Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran Stark) and Art Parkinson (Rickon Stark) have hit some serious growth spurts over the past year, it seems like it’s about time to bring in some new actors to portray the stranded Stark children; while the future of the plot has not yet been revealed for these two youngsters: there has been some serious speculation.

Some have suggested that the ultimate role for Bran will be to warg into one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons during the battle against the white walkers, while others have predicted that Bran’s ability to warg into humans will be his ultimate asset in the battle for Westeros’s soul. Until this point in the “Game of Thrones” storyline Rickon hasn’t served much of a discernable purpose, so here’s to hoping they don’t just bring him back in season 6 to fill time.

#9 – Arya Stark as a Water Dancer

Arya-Stark-as-a-Water-DancerThe last time we saw Arya Stark she was pitted against the murderous and child molesting Meryn Trant, the man responsible for the death of Arya’s sword fighting instructor, “Syrio Forel.” After stealing a face and taking a life that (according to the many faced god) was not hers to take, Arya suffered the same blindness she had imposed on Meryn Trant; this shocking reveal left viewers scrambling to find out whether our dear Arya is only being taught a lesson, or if her newfound blindness would become a permanent fixture to the character.

A new photo leaked from the season 6 Game of Thrones set which shows Arya taking an unexpected swim; she doesn’t exactly seem dressed for the occasion because she is donning the garb of a water dancer, the style of fighting mentored to her by the dead Syrio. Some have suggested that Syrio himself was a faceless man, but I suppose we’ll have to wait until season 6 to see the significance of Arya’s newfound wardrobe.

#8 – Sansa Survives

Sansa-SurvivesJust before the last season ended Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy had killed Myranda and had to make a terrible decision in order to escape Ramsay Bolton: they had to jump off the walls of Winterfell and into the snow below. After the episode concluded fans were stumbling everywhere trying to discover whether Sansa and Theon were still alive, but unfortunately for everyone the information had simply not been released yet. Fortunately for fans everywhere, Sophie Turner (the actress behind the lovely Sansa Stark) has been seen on the Game of Thrones set filming scenes at an entirely new castle!

While this information doesn’t necessarily mean that Theon is still kicking as well, it’s unlikely that the Winterfell fall is the final piece of Theon’s redemption story. And what will this new castle setting mean for the heroic Brienne of Tarth? Perhaps Brienne will (again) miss Sansa on her exit from Winterfell, or perhaps she is the one who takes Sansa to this new destination. Regardless who accompanies Sansa Ramsay Bolton is going to be pissed, and you better believe he’ll be gathering twenty good men to bring her back as soon as possible!

#7 – A New Character in the Shape of Theon’s Uncle “Euron”

EuronBalon Greyjoy hasn’t been seen for two seasons, and ever since the failed attempt at rescuing Theon from the clutches of the Greyjoy, it seemed like the Greyjoys would just be minding their own business. But due to a new casting call for the role of “Euron Greyjoy” it seems like season 6 may be the glorious return of the sea faring ironborn. Euron Greyjoy is a captain of “The Silence,” a deathly ship manned by a crew who has each had their tongues ripped out by Euron personally.

Euron is known as “Crow’s Eye” because of the eye patch he wears, and the banner he sails under which depicts a red eye, an iron crown, and two crows. What exactly the Greyjoys are up to isn’t known, but with the supposed death of Stannis (which means that Balon is the sole survivor of the War of the Five Kings)perhaps it’s time for someone new to make a play for King’s Landing. To be honest I’m willing to support anyone making a play for the throne currently, and I hope Euron makes King Tommen pay the iron price.

#6 – Samwell’s Journey to the Citadel

Samwells-Journey-to-the-CitadelSam headed off for The Citadel with the wildling Gilly just in time to miss his best friend being violently betrayed, but you better believe that it won’t stop him from saving Westeros. Mr. Samwell Tarly is looking to become an experienced maester, and with it he may learn the secret art of how to create either dragon glass or Valerian steel: an important tool in the war against the invading white walkers. It turns out that Sam might just be one of the most important people in Westeros after all!

Leaked photos show that the Game of Thrones crew is currently filming in locations that look eerily similar to Oldtown, the town built by the first men and the location of the Citadel. It has also been speculated that we may in fact get to finally meet Samwell Tarly’s father, and that means we might have a new character on the roster that we can’t stand: he did send Sam to the Night’s Watch to toughen him up after all: which just might be the best worst decision he has ever made.

#5 – The “One True King” isn’t Down and Out

The-One-True-King-isnt-Down-and-OutLast season everyone was shocked to see just how outclassed the glorious Stannis Baratheon actually was, and his failed campaign led up to his untimely death… or did it? Stannis’s death was met with both cries of joy and sighs of disappointment, but the cut away shot certainly left the question of whether or not he was actually left breathing. It turns out that based on leaked information Stannis the Mannis might actually be returning to help clean up Westeros once and for all.

When George R. R. Martin (the author of the Song of Ice and Fire novels) whether Stannis was actually still alive, he admitted that in his books Stannis was still breathing, so if the Game of Thrones writers are keeping the timelines between the books and the show similar, it’s probably a safe bet that Stannis hasn’t seen the end of his life just yet. The most likely bet is that Stannis and Brienne are going to tag team up to take down the Boltons, and maybe after that Stannis will have earned back his favor with both Brienne and the audience.

#4 – Daenerys Targaryen in a Heap of Trouble

Daenerys-Targaryen-in-a-Heap-of-TroubleDanny is having a hard time in her life right now: she got attacked by a band of assassins, her dragons are throwing temper tantrums, and she is being circled by thousands of Dothraki riders… yikes! People may not seem as concerned with Danny’s well being as much as the rest of the beloved cast, but the fate of the seven kingdoms certainly relies on Daenerys Targaryen making it out in once piece, leaked casting information and set photos are certainly not pointing to good things for our mother of dragons.

Emilia Clarke (the stunning actress who plays Daenerys) was seen tied up, so it might be up to Jorah and Daario Naharis to spring her free. A casting call also revealed an opening for a new red priestess intent on visiting the now imprisoned queen, so it seems like she might be the next royal subject getting advised by a religious fanatic. No matter what Daenerys does it seems like she just can’t catch a break.

#3 – Jon Snow is Coming Back

Jon-Snow-is-Coming-BackThe last scene of season 5 caused a lot of mouths to drop open and a lot of tears to be shed, but most people weren’t fooled when the red priestess Melisandre just so happened to stumble through the gates of the wall after predicting Jon Snow’s demise. After Melisandre witnessed the resurrection powers of the Lord of Light when she came across the men without banners, it only seemed natural that it would eventually serve a purpose to the central story, and it seems like we have the perfect candidate just moments after his death.

What cements Kit Harrington’s return even more is that he was spotted on the Game of Thrones set sporting a man bun and stark armor; it seems like our crow leader might be leaving the wall to pursue some old enemies, and we couldn’t be any happier to hear it. While the consequences of Jon Snow’s resurrection will be unclear, it seems that death will circumvent his Watch vows, and allow him to focus on the bigger picture of Westeros.

#2 – The Battle of the Bastards

The-Battle-of-the-BastardsWhile nothing but Jon Snow’s armor as been linked to Winterfell so far, some set photos have revealed that a massive battle is going to take place, and one side will be comprised of the remaining forces of the North’s rebellion; the battle is currently being nicknamed “the battle of six armies” but it seems like this fight might be spearheaded by Stannis, Jon Snow, or both! I think we are all more than a little excited to see those pesky Boltons finally get the comeuppance they deserve.

The battle for Winterfell might finally be getting the round 2 it deserves, and the audience might finally get to see a fight between Jon Snow and the villainous Ramsay Bolton. Seeing as how the Boltons are responsible for the death of both his mother and brother, as well as the rape of his sister, you can pretty much bet your money that this will be one action packed fight that will keep everyone on the edges of their seat!

#1 – The Truth of Jon Snow’s Origin

The-Truth-of-Jon-Snows-OriginPeople have been guessing at Jon Snow’s origin since the release of the first book in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series, but it looks like this season is going to clear it all up once and for all. Set photos are showing off a location that has been confirmed by the Game of Thrones staff to be the locale for the “Tower of Joy” the place where Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon killed Rhaegar Targaryen and ended the Targaryen rule. The Tower of Joy is also where Eddard Stark found his sister covered in blood, and the last locale before Eddard returned to Winterfell with his son Jon Snow.

Casting indicates that the Tower of Joy scenes will feature a flashback of a younger Eddard, meaning both book readers and show watcher will get to experience the origin of Jon Snow, and finally find out whether Jon is truly the son of the noble Eddard, or if the R+J theory is true and Jon is descended from a Targaryen bloodline!