Top 10 Selfies in the History of the World

No matter who you are, no matter how old you are and no matter how cool you think you are, you have taken a selfie. You can try and pretend like you have never snapped one, but we all know you have, don’t deny it. For the most part, we usually just take selfies with friends or family, or possibly in a mirror by ourselves, but those are boring and nobody really cares all that much about seeing them.

There are some selfies out there, however, that really belong in a museum. Between death defying stunts, leaving the Earth’s surface or getting a group of people together in a rare situation, there have been some legendary selfies taken by people. Out of the millions of selfies that are taken on a daily basis, which ones stand out as the best of all time?

It’s time to hand out the selfie awards and check out the 10 best that have ever been snapped, and they are ones that the normal person will never have a chance to take.

#10 – Heads Up

Heads-UpThis selfie comes courtesy of Kelly Nash, a sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball. Nash was taking a pregame photo for her Instagram page in 2013 when a baseball in batting practice came shockingly close to her head. Although the selfie looks like she is going to get obliterated by the ball, it actually ended up missing her. She didn’t know how close it was until she saw the picture afterward.

Perhaps the selfie was one of the best things that happened to Nash’s career since her name got out there as a reporter. In 2015, Nash was hired by the MLB Network. It’s not as if Nash didn’t deserve the promotion, since she already holds a pair of master’s degrees, but it certainly didn’t hurt her cause. Now she gets to be in the studio instead of near the dangerous field.

#9 – VP Selfie

VP-SelfieVice President of the United States, Joe Biden, didn’t quite get on Instagram right away. It wasn’t until April of 2014 that Biden finally joined the social media site and took an amazing selfie to get his account started. Biden snapped a photo of himself with none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, riding in the Presidential motorcade, with the caption “Pals” posted by the White House.

People were quick to comment on the photo, and it was a mostly positive response (which can be rare for politicians on social media). Comments such as “Bro Biden” and “Fashion Vice President” were posted, showing that people approved of the new account. As for Biden’s caption on the photo, he posted “Found a friend to join my first selfie on Instagram. Thanks for following and stay tuned. -VP”

#8 – Poping In

Poping-In2013 makes its second appearance on our list with this selfie that was posted on Instagram by Fabio M. Ragona. Ragona got a selfie with Pope Francis at the Vatican to become the first person in history to ever take a ‘selfie’ with a Pope. It may have lost some of its luster when Francis took selfies with a lot of other people since then, but this is the one that made its way into history.

The group that was lucky enough to take their photo with the Pope traveled from the Diocese of Piacenza, and there were about 500 of them in total for a private meeting. Before the selfie, Pope Francis told them that “You are the bearers of hope. You, in fact, live in the present, but are looking at the future.” Perhaps there was no better example of the first part of that statement than a selfie with the Pope.

#7 – Taj Beatle

Taj-BeatleGeorge Harrison is a music legend as one of the four Beatles that changed pop culture forever. When Harrison was only 23 years old, he was able to tour the world, including this photo that he took while at the Taj Mahal in India. When you’re that famous, you are able to take a selfie with barely any tourists around, and it was way, way before selfies were ever “cool,” showing that the Beatles really defined what we consider cool these days.

Harrison actually had to go incognito for the trip, as he and his wife Pattie used the pseudonyms of Sam Wells to avoid publicity. While the Harrisons were there, they received private sitar lessons with Ravi Shankar on that day in September of 1966. Harrison said of the experience that “My hips were killing me from sitting on the floor, and so Ravi brought a yoga teacher to start showing me the physical yoga exercise.”

#6 – Rover

RoverThe award for the selfie that happened farthest away from Earth goes to a photographer that isn’t even human. The Curiosity Rover landed on Mars in 2012 and has been taking space selfies ever since, letting us know just how lonely the Red Planet is. Discovery News dubbed the Curiosity Rover as “The King of Selfies” in 2013, and released its first selfie with the caption that read “Hello, Gorgeous! Snapped this self portrait while inspecting my MAHLI camera with its dust cover intentionally left on. This was a test to make sure the cover, its hinge the area it sweeps when it opens are clear of debris.”

Thankfully, the Curiosity Rover has taken plenty more selfies for us to enjoy. It’s a long process as the robotic arm takes the camera away from the main part of the rover and has to sit there for a long period of time before a clear picture emerges and is sent back to Earth.

#5 – Oscar Crowd

Oscar-CrowdPopular actress, comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was able to host the 2014 Oscars, and she took the world’s most famous selfie when she was able to get multiple A-list stars squished together for one shot. The photo was seen by more than 40 million people on TV and then another 37 million on Twitter almost instantly. It’s believed that Ellen’s selfie was able to bring in nearly $1 billion in revenue for Samsung, the phone’s manufacturer.

The funny thing is, it actually didn’t go the way that the producers had planned it. Neil Meron, a producer for the show, said that “The joke as originally scripted was that Ellen was going to come down and see Meryl Streep, and she was going to gather people around to take a selfie with Meryl. Ellen said in the script, ‘You know Meryl my arm isn’t long enough so will you stand up and take the picture with the group?’ with Meryl Streep getting up and being out of the picture. And that was the joke.”

#4 – Top Gunner

Top-GunnerIn 2014, a Danish F-16 fighter pilot (who we unfortunately don’t know the name of) took this super cool selfie while burning through the sky at hundreds of miles per hour. What makes this one stand out against other pilots snapping selfies is the fact that he had missiles firing from the side of the plane during the picture. If “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins wasn’t playing during this selfie, then it might have been a wasted opportunity.

The missiles in question are actually sidewinder missiles, otherwise known in the military as an AIM-9L/M missile. It’s a fantastic piece of machinery which can be fired when the pilot simply turns his head to look at the target. That image was put out by the Royal Danish Air Force in response to the previous selfie on our list from the Oscars because they didn’t want to be outdone.

#3 – Starstruck

StarstruckThis picture was taken by Kirill Oreshkin, a photographer that is known in his native Russia as Spider-Man for his ability to get some of the most amazing rooftop selfies in the world. Here, Oreshkin is shown standing on top of the “Top Star” without any climbing or safety gear to ensure that he doesn’t fall. Oreshkin must have ice water running through his veins, because there’s no way that we would try anything like that.

Oreshkin said that he liked the views of the tall buildings, and that he doesn’t use any safety precautions, because “Using safety measures changes something – no one is going to recognise that you really risked your life.” Oreshkin is all in it for the glory, and partly the experience, but mainly the glory. Oreshkin added “What’s going through my head when I’m up there? Nothing special.”

#2 – Beyonce Bomb

Beyonce-BombJust imagine you’re at a concert, and you were lucky enough to score seats up close to one of the most popular musicians to ever walk the Earth. Then when you go to take a selfie, the singer pops right into your picture with you while performing. That’s exactly what Beyonce did during a show to one lucky fan. While it was thought to be a true photobomb at first, it turned out the fan asked her to take it, but that doesn’t make it less cool.

Some people thought that it wasn’t though, which prompted the girl to get on Tumblr and explain that “I have been the girl that got her selfie ‘photobombed’ by Beyonce, but, in fact, I asked her for the photo. She posed and smiled as the perfect person she is! Just thought I’d clean the air.” She probably met that she wanted to ‘clear’ the air, but that’s OK, none of us will get that opportunity.

#1 – Space Selfie

Space-SelfieWe’ve already seen the selfie that was farthest away from Earth, but that was by a robot. Here is the one that’s farthest away by a human, and it’s Aki Hoshide of the International Space Station. This is the king of selfies, and you can see every single one of us human beings in the reflection of his helmet in this selfie, making Hoshide above us all in the selfie game. If you can get to space, then you might be able to take a better one, but until then, it’s gonna be tough.

The Japanese astronaut had his photo go viral when it was posted by a BuzzFeed reporter, and everyone went gaga over the photo, and rightfully so. Comments that were posted were mostly containing the word “wow,” but one of the best ones had to have been “Take that Bieber!” Poor Justin didn’t make a selfie that was good enough for our list, but he also hasn’t been to space…yet.