22 Reasons Why Australia is the Most Frightening Place in the World

Australia has some truly beautiful places that everyone should experience in their lifetime. With cities such as Sydney and Melbourne having a lot to offer, it would seem like Australia is a great country to live in. However, a good majority of the country is uninhabited, mainly because of the animals that take up a lot of the space. These animals are some of God’s most grotesque creations and will kill you in a heartbeat if you get too close. Here are 22 reasons (mainly animals, of course) why most of the country should be avoided like the plague:

#22 – The Snakes

If you are one of those people that get a bit antsy when you see a little garden snake slithering through the grass, Australia is not the place for you. The snakes here are big enough to take down Flying Foxes (more on them later).

#21 – Seriously, the snakess

If you want to know how big the snakes in Australia get, well the pythons have the ability to pick up a wallaby. That’s no small task, but the pythons aren’t small since they can weigh over 50 pounds each. Thanks, but no thanks.

#20 – The snakes are EVERYWHERE

Just imagine going to a retail store, and all of a sudden you look down and there is a python about as long as Shaquille O’Neal trying to make its way around your windpipe. That’s the danger that Aussies have to face each day.

#19 – Even in the toilets

It’s bad enough to run into a snake at the store, but at least there are likely to be other people around to help you out. That’s not the case when you’re sitting on the toilet and a snake pops up to say hello.

#18 – They even eat Iguanas

Iguanas are no slouch when it comes to the reptile kingdom. They can usually take good care of themselves, but they are no match for these snakes that can grow to the length that’s higher than the average adult male.

#17 – Not even golf is safe

There is a reason that all Australians look into the hole after making a shot in golf before putting their hand in. In America, we don’t really have to worry too much about it (besides the Southwest), but not Australia.

#16 – Flying Foxes

Remember earlier when we showed you the picture of a snake literally killing and eating one of these things? These are Flying Foxes, and they are terrifying enough on their own without having a predator to worry about.

#15 – More golf adventures

Here in the United States, if you hit your golf ball into the water, there’s a chance that it might be shallow enough to scoop out with the right tool. In Australia, the ball is lost forever and trying to find it is the last thing you’ll ever do.

#14 – Surfing Sharks

Golf isn’t the only leisurely activity that these murderous sharks like to partake in. They also love surfing…with people! Riding the waves is a fun hobby for sharks, especially when there are potential meals to ride along with.

#13 – Oh, the crocs do too

If you made the assumption that surfing is only a shark thing, well get that out of your head right now. Crocodiles are more numerous than people in Australia it seems like, and they also love to go surfing with their buddies.

#12 – But even they are no match for snakes

That’s right, even the darn crocodiles have to worry about being eaten by snakes in Australia. Seriously, if you have a phobia of snakes, Australia should be the last place on Earth you ever visit.

#11 – But the crocs are still huge

This poor crocodile probably couldn’t get eaten by a snake (except the one that tried to eat Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez in Anaconda). However, he did get captured after going on a murderous rampage that his dad, Godzilla, would be proud of.

#10 – The small animals are bad

Oh, you thought that the only animals you had to worry about destroying your life in Australia were snakes and crocodiles? Think again! Because this what a tick looks like in Australia after it sucks the life out of you.

#9 – A rack of arachnids

And now we get to the portion that you are sure to hate, because nobody in the world likes spiders. Australia has spiders that are more common than vegetation, and they are huge and nasty like the ones in Arachnophobia.

#8 – Into the funnel

One of the most venomous spiders in the world that will kill you for even looking at it is the Funnel Web Spider. Want to find them near your home? Good luck with that. In Australia, you can find entire buckets of them, yay!

#7 – Australian eye bleach

This is the cutest photo in the entire list, and a little bit of eye bleach before we wrap up. If you don’t think this is cute, then you aren’t from Australia, because they don’t do ‘cute’ there. Flies are everywhere and the least deadly thing to worry about.

#6 – Millions of Millipedes

In Australia, there are billions and billions of millipede legs crawling around the ground at all times. That’s because these gross little things are incredibly common and you can probably find about 18 in the average living room.

#5 – Earthworm Jim

Earthworms will not kill you. I repeat, this is one of the few things on this list that will not try to murder you in your sleep. The only thing is that they are enormous and gross, and you should never touch one unless you want nightmares forever.

#4 – Holy Moly

This gross little thing is called a mole cricket. Maybe it’s because it is the mutant offspring of the two animals. That would explain the huge head and the jacked forearms that look like they could do some serious digging.

#3 – Just gross

This is a centipede, and one of the grossest things that you can think up in your worst nightmare. They can get up to more than six inches long, and will sting you, causing severe pain. Oh, and they eat small snakes. Fun, right?

#2 – Are you jelly?

Jellyfish don’t look too intimidating when they are beached ashore. Maybe it’s because they just look like a big pile of vomit. If you got this guy in the water, and you were in there too, you’d be peeing your pants. Which is good, because you need it for the sting.

#1 – Everything is deadly

There is only one single octopus in the entire world that has venom that will harm humans. Guess where it is? Yeah, you could probably figure that one out pretty easily. This is the dead Blue-ring octopus, and just the final example of Australia being scary.