10 of the Dumbest Criminals of All-Time Caught on Camera

Did you ever play cops and robbers as a child? Were you always the cop and never the robber? From bank robberies and car hijackings to insurance fraud and convenience store burglaries, the real life game of cops and robbers takes on a variety of forms. While most criminals know the basics of committing a crime, there are quite a few who don’t know the first thing about being a decent criminal.

From hiding your face to planning your crime, these are simple lessons in Criminal Life 101 that help criminals avoid getting caught. Unfortunately, however, not all criminals are smart or savvy enough to live the thug life. And, thanks to smartphones and cameras, finding these fools isn’t hard to do.

Consider this, then, as a master class on how not to commit a crime (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway!). We found 10 of the dumbest criminals of all-time caught on camera who are now paying the price for their crime. With a complete lack of skill and absolutely no plans, these fools were caught red-handed on camera because of their stupidity. Sit back and enjoy these complete criminal fails that lead to well-deserved justice!

#10 – The Most Pathetic Attempt at a Break In

Step #1 in the “Idiots Guide to Burglary” is to hide your face. Now, I’m not an expert burglar, but I’m pretty sure that picking a better time other than broad daylight might be part of Step #2. Perhaps this guy is a greenhorn to burglary but, funny enough, the joke is on him as this Florida home owner gets a clear look at this pathetic attempt to rob his home. Not only does this guy look directly into the camera, he makes a fool of himself by flipping it off and then throwing a rock (and missing!). With this half-hearted and blundering attempt, police were quick to catch this burglar. In fact, he probably knocked on the front door and turned himself in, the fool!

#9 – Kids in the Trunk

“School Bus Driver Lets Middle School Student Take the Wheel” might be this next driver’s headline if she keeps this up! While kids generally ask to ride in the trunk out of curiosity, they also use towels as superhero capes and believe in the tooth fairy, which just goes to show you how important it is for parents to be smart and watch out for these curious minds. Clearly, this lady is a more relaxed parent than most as not one but three kids unfold themselves from inside the trunk and shuffle to the backseat. While we’re not quite certain how the police officer knew the kids were in the back, we’re pretty sure this woman might need to start job hunting as this incident won’t do much for her school driving record!

#8 – Car Crash

Why worry about breaking into a store when you can make your own drive thru? With a flair for the dramatic, these two idiots made complete fools of themselves as they crashed a stolen truck into a local convenience store and only left with $100 worth of goods.  Either on an adrenaline rush or scared out of his mind, the passenger jumped off the hood of the truck and ran behind the counter. While most criminals head for the cash, this fool wasted time studying the cigarette selection, finally stuffing a few packs in his pocket. Perhaps the store was out of Marlboros?

Can you imagine getting back into the truck after such a dramatic entry with only cigarettes in your pocket? Us either, which explains why the man returned seconds later to steal liquor. Thankfully, the police caught up with these two a few hours later as they celebrated their pathetic victory with a pack of Camels and some Boone’s Farm.

#7 – Falling Through the Roof

Third time is a charm, right? But, what about the fourth? With four big falls and an epic failure, we can’t help but admire this criminal’s determination. In an attempt to rob a liquor store, this klutz first tries to climb onto the roof but trips and falls to the ground. Undeterred, he tries again and makes it but, unfortunately, things don’t quite go as planned when he falls through the roof and onto the shop floor, tripping the store alarm.

By this point, most criminals would high-tail it out of there knowing that cops would soon be on the way, but not this idiot! He grabs a basket and shops around like it’s a regular day (isn’t Wednesday 15% off of wine?). Planning a last-minute exit, he tries to break the glass door but, when his plan fails, he decides to use the roof. Can you guess what happens next? Yep, he not only falls once but twice during his failed escape. What else is there to do when you have no way out? Light up a cigarette and enjoy the last few seconds of freedom.

#6 – Balaclava Problems

Remember when we said that Step #1 in being a good burglar is hiding your face? Well, this guy almost had it right. In what begins as a classic convenience store robbery, the man breaks into the store wearing a balaclava and holding a gun. As he moves toward the store owner demanding all of the cash, he naively removes the balaclava and exposes his face. Quickly realizing his mistake, he attempts to cover his face again but fails miserably as the owner watches in complete dismay! With his face fully captured on camera and recognizable by the owner, this burglar’s wardrobe malfunction cost him a crime, making him a true fashion criminal!

#5 – Special Delivery


Who doesn’t love getting mail, especially packages? But, when you get home to discover your package hasn’t been delivered, it can be pretty annoying, right? Well, imagine how angry this home owner was when he checked his home security camera footage to discover his package was delivered and then stolen in broad daylight!

In a true crime of foolishness, this criminal never noticed the five (that’s right, five!) security cameras on the front porch as he tore into a FedEx package and stole a $300 pair of earrings. With an upset wife and $300 lost, the Indianapolis home owner took the crystal clear video footage to his Facebook page where it was shared over 10,000 times, leading to the criminal’s arrest just a few days later! We guess the criminal has never heard the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life,” especially when it comes to jewelry.

#4 – Phone Shop


Has your cell phone ever broken? How did it feel when you couldn’t use it? Did you feel withdrawn from the world? Were you sitting in silence, desperate for the tweets and dings of social media updates and text messages? We’ve all been through the turmoil of broken phones and many of us simply purchase a new one or get the old one repaired, but not this guy!

This criminal idly walks through a phone store and plays with a few devices on display, appearing to be casually interested. Unfortunately, the fool forgets that the phones are tethered to the counter and, when he decides to make a run for it with a phone in hand, he is stopped in his tracks as the tether runs out. Confused and embarrassed, the criminal is soon approached by a store associate who, undoubtedly, asks him how he could be so stupid!

#3 – Insurance Job


Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you can’t make it, fake it”? Insurance fraud is one of the most common crimes where people set fire to their homes, crash their own cars or fake injuries just to make a few dollars. They literally, fake it to make it. Following similar suit, this intrepid young criminal thought it would be a great idea to fake a pedestrian car crash and claim insurance on the innocent driver. Little did he know, however, that the driver’s dash cam caught everything on tape.

We can’t quite decide what is funnier: the man’s slow run and leap onto the hood of the car or the way he slid off of the hood and into the street? This hilarious attempt at faking a crash isn’t fooling anyone as the driver gets out of the car and informs the young assailant that he’ll soon be a celebrity thanks to the camera footage! After that, the boy makes a quick recovery and walks away – a real miracle!

#2 – Share your Crime Online

Who doesn’t love a good car chase? In a world of smart phones and social media, it’s no surprise that modern technology joined forces for one of the dumbest crimes of the century! As this crazed motorcycle maniac speeds down the highway, he taunts police to chase him at speeds topping 125 miles per hour, capturing the entire chase on video. But, the speeding and the chase weren’t what got him caught.

Nearly two weeks after his game of cat and mouse with the cops, this idiot uploaded his video to YouTube under his own account. Despite his denials and thanks again to modern technology, the criminal’s previous run-in with the law required him to wear an ankle bracelet, which was equipped with GPS. Police not only proved his location but also his speed. Thanks to YouTube and a desperate attempt to remake a solo version of the Fast and Furious, this criminal was sentenced to four years behind bars. How’s that for a Hollywood ending?

#1 – Don’t Drop your Gun

Who robs a store and forgets the gun on the counter? This guy, apparently! At the top of our list, this blundering burglar is a complete fool as he lays his gun down on the counter in an attempt to rob the convenience store. Without anything covering his face, it’s obvious the criminal is shocked as he realizes his mistake just as the owner grabs the gun from the counter and turns it on him.

With an A+ to the store owner for taking control of the situation, we can’t help but laugh as the robber leaps back and forth over the counter in an attempt to escape from his own weapon. Luckily enough, he forgot to hide his face, giving the cops a clear picture of this fool as well as evidence from the gun! But, who cares about the criminal and the store owner; what happened to the old man who saw it all? We can only imagine his epic tale – after all, he just came in to buy a lottery ticket for his wife!