10 Brave Animals That Saved Other Animals Lives

Whenever someone is in a life threatening situation, a real hero rises up to the occasion and saves the day. They don’t brag about it. They don’t need a medal. They just did what had to be done and they remain humble about it. Someone needed help and they were the ones who just happened to be around. And so, those brave people go down in history. Books are written about their heroic antics. And those books are turned into straight-to-video movies.

And we usually only hear the stories of people rescuing other people. And sometimes, we hear stories of brave animals rescuing humans. But we rarely hear about animals rescuing other animals. And while it sounds unlikely, it does happen, because a true hero doesn’t distinguish between species So here are a few examples of the brave, the bold and the daring in the animal kingdom. The selfless animal heroes who rose to the occasion, no matter what the dangers, even if it meant they could lose their own life in the process.

#10 – Elephants Team Up to Save a Calf

Full grown elephants have no problem withstanding the treacherous currents when crossing a river. For baby elephants however, it can be a very dangerous undertaking. In this footage, captured by Sandy Gelderman while on a safari in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a six month old calf suddenly gets caught in a strong current and in danger of being washed away downriver at a very high speed.

Fortunately, one of the elephants notices the danger right away and runs after the baby elephant as fast as it can, pushing the baby elephant to safety. Another elephant, later identified as the mother, also notices her babe in distress and swoops in to lend a helping trunk. After about two minutes of pushing and pulling, the calf is finally able to brave the current and makes it ashore safe and sound.

#9 – Dolphins Save Dog from Drowning

Dolphins are known to rescue humans in dangerous situations, but they really don’t mind rising up to the occasion when other species are in trouble as well. When an unlucky dog fell into a canal on Marco Island, Florida, and couldn’t get back out, a group of dolphins showed up and saved the dog’s life.

The dog was exhausted after reportedly being stuck in the water for a whopping 15 hours when the hero dolphins showed up. The poor canine had fallen off a concrete wall into the canal and had no chance of climbing back up. So the group of dolphins started making so much noise that a crowd started to gather. And, wondering what the dolphins were up to, people soon noticed the struggling dog in the canal. When the dog was finally rescued, the dolphins stopped and casually swam away.

#8 – Dog Saves Dogs Stranded on a Canoe

Apparently, these two dogs thought it was a great idea to go rafting together. And that great idea took a sour turn when they both realized they lacked the necessary fine motor skills for rowing, as well as the ability to properly navigate the strong currents. When they were helplessly floating down the river, another dog selflessly jumped in to save the day.

The hero dog made it look easy, comfortably paddling towards the canoe as if he were fetching a stick. When he made it to the boat, he deftly bit down on the rope tied to the front of the canoe and pulled the two panicking dogs back to the shore and to safety. The hero dog refused a medal and merely asked for a treat, while the other two decided to never go rafting together again.

#7 – Chimpanzee Saves Baby Duck

This chimp was just chilling at the zoo when his afternoon nap got interrupted by loud chirping. When the ape decided to check out where the sound was coming from, he found a lone baby duck in the water. Baby ducks take to water all the time, but at some point, they have to get back out again for some well needed rest. But that just wasn’t possible with the stony walls surrounding the habitat, so the chimp decided to help out.

He grabbed a leaf and dangled it in front of the duckling, hoping it would hang on. And while the hero ape was focused on his rescue, a crowd of spectators gathered. After a few cute but failed rescue attempts, the chimp decided to just grab the baby duck out the water and started petting it in the most loving and careful way.

#6 – Dog Saves Baby Kangaroo

This story has all the necessary ingredients for a tear jerking Disney movie you can’t sit through without crying, even after watching it for a hundred times. A momma kangaroo gets hit by a car and dies on the side of the road. Enter Rex the dog, who was on a walk with his owner and stumbled upon the momma kangaroo.

Rex somehow sensed the baby kangaroo was still alive in the pouch and managed to get it out completely unharmed, carried the baby to his owner and gently put it down at her feet. Not only was the baby kangaroo alive and unharmed, it seemed totally relaxed around the hero dog, who was licking and cuddling it. His owner named the kangaroo Rex Jr. and took the baby to a Wildlife Sanctuary, where it was raised lovingly.

#5 – Hippo Saves Wildebeest and Baby Zebra from Drowning

Hippos are usually very territorial and highly aggressive animals, but in some cases, they actually help out other species in times of great need. For example, when a wildebeest falls into the river and get carried off by the current, these giants just come swooping in and just when you think they’re going the eat the poor, drowning wildebeest, they gently push it back to the shore.

And that little incident gave the hippos a taste for heroism, because a little later on, when a baby zebra fell into to the river too and started drowning, they came swooping in again. Whether it’s selfless heroism, or a desperate attempt to change their image of fiercely aggressive monsters, these guys have taken on the role of local lifeguards. That, or they’re just really big fans of Baywatch.

#4 – Hippo to the Rescue Again

So yeah, the hippo community takes its role as lifeguards very seriously. And it’s not just saving other animals from drowning, there’s also a zero tolerance policy in their river when it comes to bullying. Crocodiles who think they can get a tasty bite of antelope, are in for a serious beating by a gang of hippo heroes.

And this type of ganging up on the local bully is perfectly demonstrated when a crocodile attacks this zebra. At first, the hippos scare the crocodile away, so the zebra can swim back safely to the shore. But when the zebra is catching his breath, the crocodile comes in for a second attack. And when the hippos notice, they swoop in and gang up on the bully and form a defensive circle around the zebra, until it’s safely out of the water.

#3 – Rottweiler Saves Chihuahua from Coyote

Chihuahuas are not known to be the bravest and most independant dogs around. They shake and shiver, have big, frightful eyes and are usually dressed in a variety of ridiculous outfits, while being carried around in Gucci purses. So when a lone chihuahua is confronted by a hungry coyote, the odds are very much stacked against the purse friendly canine.

Trixxie almost became a tasty coyote lunch, if it wasn’t for her friendly rottweiler neighbor Happy. Trixxie was just sitting there with those big, watery eyes, when out of nowhere a coyote swoops in for the kill. The little chihuahua was already scooped up and in the process of being taken off to the woods to be eaten, when Happy came running and attacked the coyote. Trixxie was able to escape, ran back home and lived to be dressed up ridiculously for another day.

#2 – Dolphin Helps Save Beached Whale

Saving the life of a beached whale normally takes a whole group of people working around the clock. But in this case, one of the heroes was a dolphin. Conservation officer Malcolm Smith and a group of people had been working for an hour to save the life of two beached whales and were just about to give up, when local dolphin Moko popped up and saved the day.

Apparently, Moko, who also loves to play with local swimmers, speaks fluent whale. After a short and reassuring speech from the dolphin, both whales changed their attitude from very distressed to willing and able, and followed Moko out to sea. Where Smith and his group tried for an hour and failed, the Dolphin rose up to the occasion and took care of the situation in just minutes.

#1 – Dog Rescues Another Dog from a Highway

In one of the most death defying rescues of all time, you wouldn’t expect two dogs being the lead stars. This type of bravery and heroism looks like the stuff straight out of a Hollywood movie. In Santiago, Chile, a dog that recently escaped the pound ran across the highway and got hit by oncoming traffic. It was still alive, but it was just a matter of time before the dog got run over again. Suddenly, another dog runs across the highway and risks its own life to help the wounded dog.

As it turned out, both dogs came from the same pound, became buddies and escaped together. So when one of them lay wounded on the highway, the other didn’t hesitate and tried to drag its buddy to safety. Miraculously enough, the daring rescue was successful and both dogs survived.