WTF: 50 Bizarre People You Will Refuse to Believe are Real


Do you ever worry that perhaps there is nothing special or unique about you that makes you memorable? Do you feel as though nothing makes you stand out from the crowd and that you simply blend in with everyone else? While many of us often struggle with feelings of mediocrity, it is actually nothing to lose sleep over as our actions and contributions to the world are what really make a difference.

With that being said, some people simply have defining and unique characteristics that serve to shock and awe the world. In fact, society is often captivated by these astonishing people who are far different from the rest and, sometimes, for the worst. Why else can you imagine that the carnival freak shows have always been so popular? From extremely tall people to morbidly wide or freakishly thin, there are a handful of people in the world who would cause you to do a double take if you saw them in person!

Thanks to the world of the internet, we have found some of the freakiest people that will cause you to drop a WTF in a second! Here’s a list of 21 people who are, despite being hard to believe, living and breathing in this world! Take a look at this carnival freak show brought directly to you!

#50 – Chinese Rapunzel

Of all of the countries that would seemingly vie for the title of world’s longest hair, you probably wouldn’t expect China to be at the top. According to the Guinness World Records, though, that is the case as Xie Qiuping of China has the longest documented hair in the world at a staggering 18 feet and 5.54 inches when measured in May of 2004. How long did it take to get her hair that long? She said she started growing it in 1973, meaning that is 31 years of hair accumulation on top of her head.

According to the record keepers, Qiuping’s hair is nearly as long as the entire length of a giraffe, including the neck and body. We’re not sure how much that head of hair weighs, but it has to put quite a strain on Qiuping’s neck!

#49 – Lick it Up

You would probably think that Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS has the longest tongue in the world, but he’s not even close. As a matter of fact, that honor belongs to Nick Stoeberl, a 20-something from California that is both an artist and a comedian that happens to be a KISS fan. Stoeberl had his tongue measured in at 10.1 centimeters, and that’s just the portion that makes it past his upper lip.

Stoeberl says that he likes receiving attention from his massive tongue, and told Guinness that “I’m not only able to lick my nose, but also my elbow!” The record was previously held by a British man that had his tongue measured in at 9.8 centimeters, but Stoeberl demolished his record. As to whether or not he would start a rock band, Stoeberl hasn’t said anything.

#48 – Nailed

Have you ever heard complaints that your fingernails are too long, or notice that you haven’t trimmed them in some time? There’s a good chance that your nails have never gotten longer than one inch (especially if you’re a guy), but what would you say if your nails got all the way to six feet long? That has been the case for Shridhar Chillal, a 79 year old man from India who has the longest nails in the world on one hand.

Chillal started growing his nails as a student in the early 1950’s because he saw a student get disciplined for breaking his fingernail. Chillal allowed his nails to grow to massive lengths, reaching nearly 910 centimeters in total length on his left hand. Chillal says that once he passes away, he wants to send the nails to a museum, but we’re not sure which museum would have enough room to display them.

#47 – Eye Popping

When we see something surprising, our eyes might tend to get bigger as we gaze in astonishment. If your eyes get big enough, people might say that it looks like they are popping out of your head, and that’s something that Kim Goodman hears a lot of. Goodman, a Chicago resident, found out at a young age that her eyes popped out of her head more than a normal person when they actually touched a hockey mask that she was wearing.

Goodman became a big sensation that was featured on the television version of “Guinness World Records” in 2004 and people were stunned by feat. Goodman’s eyes can pop nearly half an inch outside of the socket, and they keep getting farther and farther out now that she has stretched out her eye sockets, and she can do it whenever she wants.

#46 – Elastic Man

If you wanted some really stretchy skin for yourself, you would probably have to gain a ton of weight and then lose it quickly. Either that, or you can be born with a rare medical condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The condition producers an abundance of collagen in the body, and there is no cure. It also isn’t deadly for the most part, but it can create a lot of pain. The syndrome has affected nobody more than Garry Turner, a United Kingdom resident.

Turner doesn’t mind having EDS, and has been able to enjoy showing people how far his skin can stretch. Turner has the world record for most elastic skin, as he was able to stretch the skin on his stomach 15.8 centimeters away from the rest of his body. Turner was able to go on television in 1999 and showcase his stretching ability as people gazed in amazement.

#45 – Pac-Man Fever

Everyone who has ever played video games has their favorite character, and Pac-Man tends to be a frequent one since he was one of the true original video game characters. Tim Crist absolutely loves Pac-Man and has an entire shrine dedicated to the circular yellow video game character. Crist was asked to showcase his love for the character on “Totally Obsessed” and everyone was taken aback by how far his love went.

Years later, Crist hopped on the internet after the video of his Pac-Man obsession went viral once again and he explained himself. While Crist does love Pac-Man, he definitely turned it up to 11 for the show. These days, Crist is much thinner and still likes Pac-Man, but not to the point where he is taking a megaphone to the streets to pronounce his love of the game and character.

#44 – Tons of Tongue

We already met the man that has the longest tongue in the world, but what about the man with the widest tongue in the world? That’s an honor that belongs to Byron Schlenker, a 48 year old resident of Syracuse, New York. Schlenker had his tongue measured at an impressive 3.37 inches in width, which was .27 inches wider than the previous record holder, allowing him to destroy the record.

Schlenker was featured on local television thanks to the fact that he showed his tongue was wider than an iPhone 6. People saw it, and Schlenker said that “I get stopped by people at the grocery store or when I’m out in town to take a picture. I have had people come to my house to sign their record book.” One woman asked for Schlenker to lick her record book, and he politely said no.

#43 – Rolling Hills

Some women will go to great lengths to have breast implants to make their chests bigger, but none of those women can hold a candle to Mayra Hills, who also goes by the name of Beshine. Hills is 5’6” and was about 130 pounds before she underwent a massive implant surgery to give her breasts that measure in at a 32Z. Hills says that her chest now weighs 72 pounds, and she operates a website (don’t try to Google it if you’re at work) where she shows off all of her work.

Hills said that “I just wanted to have bigger and bigger boobs and the boobie greed monster in me never stopped being greedy and hungry.” Now, Hills can’t sleep on her stomach or back, so she has to sleep on her side and her chest measures in at 59 inches. Hills also stated that she might not be done ‘expanding’ her horizons, as she has allowed more room for further implants.

#42 – Neverending Makeover

If we told you that the woman in this photo has undergone more plastic surgery than anyone else in the world, you probably wouldn’t believe us, would you? However, this woman is Cindy Jackson, and she does indeed hold the record for most plastic surgery. Jackson is the daughter of an inventor and is a member of Mensa, attending Harvard during her college days. Jackson decided that she wanted to keep working on herself, and the now 60 year old has spent 30 years trying to look young.

Jackson’s surgeries certainly haven’t been a disaster, and she has had more than a dozen massive operations that include facelifts, rhinoplasties, liposuctions, jaw surgeries, implants and countless other minor surgeries. Jackson was listed as the most operated on patient in cosmetic surgery in 2000, and she hasn’t come close to stopping, because she doesn’t want to.

#41 – Walking Dead

This photo doesn’t seem too odd. As a matter of fact, it seems like a photo of a normal man. However, Lal Bihari is no normal man, as he was dead for nearly two decades. Bihari, an Indian native, found out that he was considered dead to the government when he tried to apply for a loan. It turns out that Bihari’s uncle paid someone in the government to register him among the deceased so he could take over Bihari’s small piece of land.

Bihari became confused, and then found out that his life was in danger. Bihari arranged his own funeral and changed his tombstone to update his death year (despite still being alive). Bihari finally got his life back in 1994 after fighting with the government about his life status, and won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2003.

#40 – The Nose Knows

Some of us are pretty self conscious about the size of our noses, especially if they are deemed to be “too big” by normal standards. There is also the fact that people might say you have a beak instead of a nose, and that can kind of hurt. Nobody has ever received more comments about their nose than Mehmet Ozyurek, and that’s because he has the largest recorded nose on the face of Earth (no pun intended).

Ozyurek is a Turkey native that showed up to Rome, Italy to have his nose measured when he was confident that his schnoz was the biggest out there. It turned out that Ozyurek was right, because his nose was measured at 3.46 inches from the bridge to the tip in 2010. Ozyurek hasn’t said if he can smell things from miles away, but he probably doesn’t have much trouble breathing.

#39 – Sikh Beard

Over the past few years (thanks mainly to hipster culture), beards have very much been “in” in the fashion world. People on college campuses seem to be lining up to see who has the longest beard, but there’s a strong likelihood that none of them can even come within a few feet (yes, feet) of the current record holder. That record holder would be Sarwan Singh of India, who has a beard that measures in at 8 feet and 2.5 inches long.

That was also a few years ago when the official measurement was taken, so it’s likely that it has grown even longer sincethen. The Sikh man is very proud of his beard, saying that “Without my beard, I’m not me. I’m pretending to be someone I’m not.” Singh is a music teacher in his native India, and he’s certainly someone we would listen to because he looks so wise.

#38 – Bite Down

You might have glanced at the photo above and thought that there was nothing wrong with it. Now, take a look at it again with the knowledge that the humans have 32 teeth when they are adults. Do you notice something different this time around? This is Vijay Kumar, who has 37 teeth (five more than you probably have if you didn’t want to do the math). The Indian native knew he had more teeth than the normal person when his biting power came a lot easier than anyone else he knew.

Now 28 years old, Kumar says that he smiles about his world record for teeth. Kumar claims “Wherever I go, I have to brush after lunch. Sometimes if I don’t clean it up, seeds get stuck in the upper jaw.” However, taking a picture to prove to people can be hard since “It’s not a big place to get a camera and lights in.” Maybe he can get some tips from our #22 unbelievable person.

#37 – Modded Out

You see people a lot these days that have their ears gauged, meaning that they stretch out the earlobes so they can put hoops in there. Personally, I don’t get the craze, but younger people seem to like it. One man in Hawaii has put the rest of ear gaugers to shame, having stretched out his earlobes to an astonishing 4.3 inches. This man is Kala Kaiwi, and you can probably see that he has had some other work done through the years.

Kaiwi (who works as a tattoo artist), has tattoos, piercings and even silicone horns on his head. Kaiwi has flesh tunnels in his nose to go along with his ears, although it would be impossible to get those ones as large. Kaiwi honed his craft of body modification while living in Las Vegas, and moved back to Hawaii to open up his own shop where people can undergo touch-ups to look just like him.

#36 – Horns

You would have to imagine that before science had many breakthroughs, that seeing someone with horns would make you think that they’re the devil. There is actually a condition where humans can grow horns out of their heads, and it’s called a cutaneous horn. These types of horns are caused by a virus, and many of them are non life threatening, but they are prone to constant infections.

One woman that has known this all too well is Liang Xiuzhen of China, an 87 year old that has grown a horn on her forehead that has reached an astonishing 13 centimeters. Xiuzhen has been called the “Unicorn Woman” because of her condition, and people still can’t believe it when they see it. The chance for removal of the horn is too far gone, so Xiuzhen now has to deal with the looks she gets from people that have never seen something like it before.

#35 – Digging Those Holes

We went from a man with massive flesh tunnels and fake horns to a woman with real horns, and now we’re back to flesh tunnels. This time, though we are showing just how many you can put into your body. This holy person (pun definitely intended this time) is Joel Miggler, a German native that has the world record for most flesh holes that have been aided by expanders, with a total of 11 on his face.

The 23 year old has small holes all over his face, but the most noticeable ones come in his cheeks, as you can see his teeth and gums from the side of his head. Sometimes when he’s eating, Miggler has to plug up the holes so food doesn’t fall out of the side of his face…a problem that not many of us have. Miggler wants to make the tunnels bigger, too, although he seems to be running out of real estate.

#34 – Tight Waisted

There seems to be a lot of pressure from society to stay thin, and especially for women to keep a small waist. One woman from Germany has taken it to the extreme, and her name is Michele Kobke from Germany. When Kobke decided that she wanted to have the thinnest waist possible, she started out at 25 inches. Because of wearing a corset almost non-stop and exercising, Kobke was able to get her waist down to a staggering 16 inches.

Kobke documented her journey to a tiny waist online, and she certainly had some negative reactions, as well as from her family. Eventually, Kobke would stop wearing the corsets as her waistline had already hit a minimum and decided to come back to normalcy a little bit. Kobke has been able to put a few inches back on her waist, but is still very tight in that area for the most part.

#33 – Ear Whacks

Ear hair can be a real pain, as it tends to grow when we are older, it has literally no use and it doesn’t look attractive (to normal convention). Whenever some of us spot an ear hair, we are usually tempted to chop it off immediately, but don’t tell that to Radhakant Bajpai. Bajpai, of India, is now in his 60’s and has never cut his ear hair. When he reached the point of world record ear hair length, he measured in at 13.2 centimeters.

Bajpai has said that he doesn’t want to cut his ear hair, either, as he has been growing it out since 18 years old and believes that it symbolizes both luck and prosperity. Bajpai also said that his wife has been asking him to cut his ear hair, but has refused. As a matter of fact, he uses a special shampoo on his ear hair to keep it clean and growing.

#32 – Packing Heat

You probably get emails all of the time telling you how to get a bigger “male member” through pills or other sorts of alterations. Most people just ignore those emails and work with what God gave them, but there’s one man in Germany that’s not satisfied with that. Meet Micha Stunz, a man that has been getting injections of silicone into his private parts in hopes of making them the largest in the world.

Now at 45 years old, the silicone has made his johnson nine inches long and more than five inches wide…and it weighs in at 10 pounds. Stunz started trying to enhance himself in his mid 20’s with a pump, and it has gotten out of hand since then. Stunz said “I was way too curious not to try it out. First, I tried it secretly for myself…and I found that when I went out pumped up, it felt great.”

#31 – Crying Out Loud

If you were to see someone bleeding from their eyes, you might just drop on your knees right then and there and start praying. This is something you would have to do if you were around Melanie Harvey, a 17 year old girl that started bleeding out of her eyes and ears. Harvey and her mother, Catherine, have gone to several doctors to see what the cause of it all was, but they were stumped for years.

The bleeding got worse and worse as the suggestions from doctors weren’t working, and now she is at the point where she is also bleeding from her nose and fingernails around five times each day. It first happened in 2013, and Harvey said she blindly felt her way downstairs to tell her parents what was going on and they freaked out, and we can’t really blame them. Harvey doesn’t have a brain tumor like first thought, and the illness is still a mystery.

#30 – Never Grow Up

A lot of us are trying to find the fountain of youth in an effort to never have to grow old physically or mentally (that’s why plastic surgery is so popular). In South Korea, there is a person straight out of Neverland named Hyomyung Shin, and he doesn’t have to worry about aging as much as the rest of us. Go ahead and guess how old Shin is by looking at the picture. You might guess 12 or 13 years old, but Shin is actually 26.

Shin has a very rare condition that is known as “Highlander Syndrome” where he does not age as nearly as fast as a normal person. Shin stands at only 5’4” and gets turned away frequently at clubs by bouncers that think he is carrying a fake ID. Even news reporters couldn’t believe it, but Shin was able to prove his shocking age.

#29 – Change of Race

If you like interesting names and interesting stories, then the tale of Semen Gendler will be right up your alley. Gendler is a 66 year old white man that was diagnosed with both hepatitis C and cancer. Doctors gave Gendler the grim news that if he didn’t get a liver transplant, his life would likely come to an end. Because of his age, Gendler couldn’t find a donor in the United States and instead traveled to Russia.

It was there that Gendler received a liver transplant from an African-American man, and his appearance has drastically changed since then. Gendler believes that it’s the fact that he received an African-American man’s liver as to why his skin is now changing, but he doesn’t much care. Gendler said “It’s incredible, I am now so full of energy and living…and if my skin ends up dark who cares, I certainly don’t.”

#28 – Popeye

Do you remember those old Popeye cartoons about the sailor with massive forearms that would eat spinach and start beating up the bad guys? That man pretty much exists in real life, and his name is Jeff Dabe. Dabe, who is from Minnesota, is a professional arm wrestler that was born with massive forearms, but doctors said that he has no discernible medical condition. Dabe’s forearms measure in at 19 inches, and his hands are the size of a basketball.

When doctors saw that Dabe had had large arms like that for his entire life, they assumed that it was some form of gigantism, but it turned out to not be true. Instead, Dabe was built just a little differently than the rest of us and used it to his advantage. Dabe arm wrestled with his right hand for years before injuring it, and was still able to use his left arm to dominate the circuit afterward.

#27 – Turtle Power

The same reality television show that brought us the Pac-Man fanatic earlier in the list has also produced someone that is obsessed with the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. This is Michele Ivey, and she has been collecting TMNT memorabilia since she was very young, ending up with an entire room devoted to them. Ivey’s collection also includes replica costumes that were used in the live action movies from the early 1990’s.

Ivey would dress up like a turtle all of the time, and on television said that she believed she was the fifth Ninja Turtle and lived on a diet of pizza. Ivey also ended up opening a fan devoted website, but said in an interview in recent years that the show made her seem like a bigger fan than she actually was to fit the “Totally Obsessed” bill. Still, she has to admit that she is more obsessed with the turtles than anyone else.

#26 – Merman

Mermaids have been part of pop culture for a long time now, and became massively popular over the past few decades thanks to movies like “Splash” and “The Little Mermaid”. There is certainly a lack of mermen in pop culture, but Jack Laflin is trying to change all of that. Laflin’s job is to dress like a merman nonstop, going by the name Merman Jax. The 33 year old lives in Los Angeles, is often showing up to events with water and swimming around for people.

Jax said that he was born “in the cold waters off of Northern (California), near the city humans call San Francisco.” Jax has to be carried around on land because he refuses to take the tail off as part of the show. Jax said that “I did see people start to buy these tails for fun, and I thought, ‘Well that seems like a missed opportunity. Why not do business out of it?’”

#25 – Bendy Straw

If you can touch your toes from a standing up position or while sitting on your rear, there’s a good possibility that you are more flexible than a majority of people out there. There is no chance that you are more flexible than Zlata, though. Zlata is a former gymnast from Russia that has some of the best flexibility in the world, and can even fit into a box small enough to give her a world record for…fitting in small boxes.

The 29 year old, whose real name is Julia Guenthel, is fairly tall for a gymnast at 5’8” and loves to showcase her flexibility. After her marriage fell apart in 2015, Zlata decided to release a calendar of herself featuring 12 images that showcase her amazing flexibility in racy outfits. My back hurts just looking at her photos.

#24 – Fresh Breath

Just about everyone has their addictions that they are trying to battle. Most of us are combating overeating, smoking or drinking, but 27 year old Evelyn is addicted to air freshener. And no, she isn’t addicted to having it sprayed in her house, Evelyn is addicted to inhaling it frequently. The mother of two from Missouri has said that she “can’t resist the taste of fresh linen” and sprays air freshener into her mouth every day, and has done so for several years.

If the spray isn’t enough for Evelyn, she will take the liquid form of it, mix it up with some crushed ice and drink it like a cocktail. Doctors have told Evelyn that she needs to stop (naturally), and her odd behavior was even featured on “My Strange Addiction” on TLC. However, she will never use the apple crisp air freshener anymore because it tastes “like dirt.”

#23 – Parrot Head

Normally the term ‘parrothead’ refers to Jimmy Buffett fans who love margaritas, but that isn’t the case for Ted Richards. Richards is a 57 year old man from England that has devoted his adult life into looking just like an actual parrot bird. Richards has undergone a massive transformation that includes more than 100 tattoos and 50 piercings on his body. The weirdest alteration, so far, has been the fact that Richards REMOVED HIS EARS to give his head more of an avian structure.

Richards has five parrots that he loves very much, and now he is going through with another transformation to make his nose look more like a beak. Richards is pleased with the progress he has made so far, saying that “I think it looks really great. I love it. It’s the best thing that has happened to me.” Do yourself a favor and don’t look up images of the surgery.

#22 – Big Mouth

Has anyone ever told you that you have a big mouth? They normally mean that you just talk to much or can’t keep a secret, but in the case of Francisco Domingos Joaquim, they mean it literally. The Angola resident has the largest mouth in the world according to Guinness World Records, measuring in at 17 centimeters (or 6.7 inches) wide. That’s the type of guy that could shut down a buffet pretty quickly.

Joaquim’s mouth is so large, that he can fit an entire can of soda in his mouth and still have a little room left over. That means he could literally keep his entire lunch in his mouth instead of an inconvenient lunch bag. Back in his home of Angola, they call the now 25 year old the “Angolan Jaw of Awe” which is quite possibly the coolest nickname on the list.

#21 – Pierced


Today, it’s not uncommon to see someone with tattoos covering their entire body. It’s also fairly common to see individuals with piercings all over their face. But, how much is too much and how extreme is too extreme? Take a look at Rolf Buchholz, a 55 year old native of Germany who holds the Guinness World Record for the most body piercings.  Part of Rolf’s face is actually being suspended by his piercings. Despite the extreme pain that he has endured to ensure his record breaking endeavors do not go unnoticed, he remains completely unfazed (and crazy, if you ask us!). Rolf definitely takes “no pain, no gain” to the human body’s limit.

#20 – The Smurf


From fad diets to medicinal trends that many claim to have great results, this living smurf has taken the idea of a fad to an entirely new level. Paul Karason, the living blue man pictured here, began taking colloidal silver decades ago to alleviate a skin condition which, ironically, caused an eternal skin condition by transforming his entire body into a bluish gray hue. The FDA banned silver as a medical treatment long ago, clearing shelves across the nation. Unfortunately, Paul must have missed the memo or heard the news far too late. One thing is for sure, if he ever needs a job, we’re positive he’d be a hit with the Blue Man Group.

#19 – Barbie


With the popularity of social media, stories of living Barbies circulate news feeds weekly as many women seek their claim to fame as the living version of the doll. Following similar suit, Valeria Lukyanova has done everything possible to transform herself into a living, breathing Barbie doll. Valeria is truly a Barbie girl in her own Barbie world and has undergone countless surgeries, not to mention spending endless hours at the gym to maintain her figure. Despite the resemblance, we imagine that this Barbie’s life may be far from the fairytale she hoped, at least not until she finds a Malibu mansion and her very own version of Ken.

#18 – The Hair Up There


From shaving and waxing, men and women go to great lengths to tame their body hair (and for good reason!). While many of us complain about the amount of body hair we have and the hassles of shaving, our pain is nothing compared to Yu Zhenhuan. Hailing from China, Yu has channeled his inner “Cousin-It”, having been named the hairiest person in the world with more than 95% of his body covered in hair. Obviously, Yu doesn’t bother spending time or money on razors or waxing. Of course, we can’t imagine the amount of shampoo and conditioner he needs to tame all of that frizz!

#17 – Tatted Up


We’ve met the person who holds the title of having the most piercings in the world, but what about tattoos? Julia Gnuse is a living work of art as more than 95% of her body is covered in tattoos. Why so many? Gnuse was extremely embarrassed by her skin condition and decided that, rather than be stared at because of her imperfections, she could be the center of conversation with head to toe tattoos. A real regular at the ink parlor, to say the least, Gnuse has regained the confidence needed to walk openly in public again, an epic twist of Shyamalan proportions.

#16 – More Tats


Yes, yes, tats and more tats! If you thought that Gnuse’s tattoos were impressive then prepare to have your mind blown. While Gnuse has the most tattoos for any woman, Lucky Diamond Rich has set the record for having the most tattoos of any person. Literally, there is not a single part of Rich’s body that has been left as a blank canvas. He has 100% of his body permanently decorated in symbolic artwork that literally covers his eyelids and ears to his private regions and toes. What’s left for Rich to tattoo? We’re sure he’s figured out something else that he can ink!

#15 – Hippy


Don’t ask a woman how much she weighs and don’t ever make a comment about her hips. Unless, of course, you’re wanting to sleep on the couch for the night. While many people complain about their hips being too fat or too skinny, Mikel Ruffinelli’s hips just might silence the complaints of the masses. Mikel has hips to make even Shakira jealous, not to mention she holds the title as having the largest hips in the world! Mikel is actually rounder than she is tall with hips measuring in at an astonishing eight feet! How does she get through a regular door much less sleep comfortably or drive a car?

#14 – Roid Rage


At one time in the history of American sports, steroids were not only legal, they were widely encouraged. Because of this, steroids caused many athletes to bulk up in size, allowing them to become all-stars in their sports and driving them to incredible fame. As steroids became popular outside of sports, the super-serum was quickly banned. Despite the ban, Steve Kucio, a firefighter and bodybuilder, continues to use steroids to maintain his looks. In fact, we think he resembles an extremely tan Incredible Hulk with muscles nearly ripping out of skin! One look at him and all the single ladies will call in a house fire just to get “saved” by this incredible hulk.

#13 – Rage On


If you thought men were the only ones using steroids, think again. It is natural for women to have much less muscle than men, which makes it hard for women to build and maintain their physique. Despite this being a natural part of life, some females refuse to go quietly into the scrawny, weak world. This Amazonian woman has been lifting and juicing for decades! Just look at the veins popping in her upper body! With a look of intense focus and anger, we imagine she can put up one heck of a fight against any prize fighter.

#12 – Lend Me a Hand


We often don’t give much thought to our hands, taking them for granted as we go about our normal routines. After looking at this photo, we imagine that things may change for you as you realize just how beautiful your rather normal looking hands are. This young boy, Kaleem, was born with hands twice as large as any other baby, not to mention the fact that they even dwarfed the hands of the doctor that delivered him at birth! Kaleem, now 9 years old, suffers from a rare condition as his hands have continued to grow at a rapid rate, now larger than his head. We have no doubt that Kaleem has an interesting future ahead of him as he’s most likely a surefire pick for a baseball team needing a catcher or outfielder.

#11 – Rubbernecking


Has your grandmother ever complained of her wiggly wobbly turkey neck? Despite grandma’s complaints, necks aren’t usually a high topic of conversation in Western culture. However, in some countries, such as Africa, necks are of great importance. In African tradition, necks are taken quite seriously as some tribes require women to wear gold rings around their throats, which ends up creating immense pressure on their shoulders and ribs. This act to elongate the neck is believed to be a sign of feminine beauty that is praised across the continent. Just remember: If you hate the look of your neck, you could always just put a ring on it.

#10 – Pear Shaped


We’ve already seen the woman with the largest hips (eight feet wide, remember?) but having large hips isn’t nearly as unbelievable as this woman’s condition! Mandy Sellars was born with a mutation that has forced her legs to keep growing long after her initial growth spurt during her child and teenage years. Mandy’s condition is the same condition that the historic Elephant Man suffered. Unfortunately, Mandy had to undergo an operation five years ago to amputate one of her legs after it became infected. At the time of the surgery, one of Mandy’s legs weighed a whopping 40 pounds!

#9 – How’s the Weather?


If you’re tall, chances are pretty good that one of your shorter friends has asked, “How’s the weather up there?” If truth be told, most of us would love to be a little taller to earn a bit more respect as we tower over our peers, even our competitors. Thirty-one year old Sultan Kosen of Turkey probably wishes, however, that he could be at least a foot shorter. Currently known as the tallest man in the world, Kosen’s head reaches just below a basketball rim as he towers at a sky-scraper height of 8 feet, 3 inches tall. Can you imagine the size of his feet? With his dunking abilities, someone should hurry up and get this guy an NBA deal, stat!

#8 – Tiny Tim


From the tallest person in the world to the shortest, meet Chandra Bahadur Dangi. Dangi is the closest thing in the world to the Ant Man as he registers in at a teeny tiny 19 inches tall (or short, as the case may be!). This 75 year old resident from Nepal has faced countless challenges due to his lack of height but still manages to live an active lifestyle! We can’t help but think that he must feel like one of the kids off of Honey! I Shrunk the Kids! Who knows? Maybe he’s the perfect star to fill a spot in the Avengers! You never know.

#7 – Tiny Tina


Dangi might be the shortest person in the world at a staggering 19 inches short but, the title of the shortest woman in the world goes to Jyoti Amge. Jyoti has actually received quite a bit of fame from her smallness as she starred in the season of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” alongside Emma Roberts. Jyoti actually suffers from a disease known as achondroplasia, which has limited her ability to grow. She stands at only 24.7 inches tall but, despite being tiny, she certainly has accomplished far more than many of us ever will in terms of Hollywood stardom.

#6 – Beefcake

Patrick Deuel

Who hasn’t packed on a little weight at one time or another? Most of the time, holiday seasons, vacations and trips to grandma’s house cause us to add a little fluff. With muffin tops and juicy booties, people typically gain 15 to 20 pounds (OK, so maybe it’s more but we’ll leave that alone so we can enjoy that last donut!). But, can you imagine gaining that amount of weight one hundred times? Meet Patrick Deuel who is the heaviest man in the world and has been dubbed as the “Half Ton Man.” A resident of Nebraska, Deuel has weighed in at over 1,100 pounds. Having recently undergone surgery, he lost over half of his weight, dropping to a staggering 570 pounds! With some positive motivation to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger”, we have no doubt that skinny jeans are in his future!

#5 – And the Ladies


Having met the heaviest man in the world, it’s time to meet one of the heaviest women in the world, weighing in at more than five times a normal healthy weight! Thirty-eight year old Charity Pierce is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and kept getting larger and larger without showing any intent or sign of stopping. At her heaviest, Pierce weighed a heart-stopping 765 pounds. Luckily, Pierce was motivated by her upcoming wedding and lost 200 pounds. Here’s to Pierce for taking initiative! We’re rooting for her to continue shedding the pounds so that she can live a long happy life with her spouse!

#4 – Moo On Over


What’s not to love about cows?  If you’ve traveled or lived in the Midwest then you probably already know that there is a huge farming culture, especially in the state of Wisconsin where cows are seen in nearly every field. Cue the “moo’s” as we meet 10 old Midwesterner Austin Siok who just might be the best farmer in the world. Austin’s cow impression is top notch as he effortlessly calls out to the livestock, wrangling them in a cow-like trance. Who needs a cow-herding dog when Austin’s around? In a competition of over 80 contestants in the cow-calling contest, Austin took the grand prize of a smooth $1,000. That sure is a lot of mooo-lah!

#3 – Under the Knife


While many of us wish for different looks from straight hair or curly, big eyes or smaller lips, we only do so out of desire for perfection as we imagine it. Most of us opt for natural remedies to make small improvements to our appearance, but this isn’t the case when it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein married into money and decided to take an interest in plastic surgery to achieve her physical fantasy look. Undergoing countless surgeries, Wildenstein now looks like she might wildly meow before she could ever speak a “hello” again. Regardless of what we think, she seems to think that she’s purr-fect.

#2 – Knitty Committee


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? From painting and drawing to gardening or sports, hobbies are great ways to relieve stress and soothe our minds. With recent popularity, crocheting and knitting are no longer hobbies left to grandmothers and great aunts. Today, Audrey Horncastle puts a new twist on the hobby as she doesn’t knit blankets or hats; she knits breasts out of wool. Why breasts, you ask? Audrey crochets and donates the breasts to expectant mothers who want to learn how to breastfeed. Crocheting breasts has gained Audrey quite the attention online which she’s gladly milking for everything its worth.

#1 – Buff the Stuff


Have you met the Incredible Hulk? We’ve seen a man on steroids but this giant from Lithuania takes strength to a new level. Don’t you agree? Zydrunas Savickas embodies discipline and practice as he has diligently worked to gain and maintain incredible strength to compete against other fierce lifters. Nicknamed “Big Z” for obvious reasons, he is the strongest man alive in the world today. With a record of deadlifting a whopping 1,155 pounds, he could easily pick up the heaviest man in the world, Patrick Deuel, who we saw earlier our list! Now here’s a man who’s earned his reputation!