Wolf and Donkey Form Special Friendship

When you think of odd couples there are a few that come to mind: the fox and the hound, Neil Simon’s characters, Tom Green and Drew Barrymore, the list goes on. One odd pairing that you would probably never expect is a friendship between a wolf and a donkey; if you think that we are just making it up, then go ahead and read on.

These two pals make an extremely odd pair, mainly because a wolf has the capability to rip a donkey to shreds; instead he spends his time hanging out at the stable with his pal. The wolf and donkey first met back in 2007 in the village of Patok, Albania; the fact that these two are sharing a cage is actually going against the original intention of the owners.

The wolf was captured after running out in the wild, and was locked up by the villagers. The people of the town then realized that they would need to feed the wolf, and it couldn’t just be lettuce or carrots; the townspeople offered the donkey to the wolf in his cage which was supposed to be a tasty meal, but the wolf ended up warming up to the old donkey that had been left for dead.

The wolf just walked up to the donkey, and started nuzzling him: showing that he was not interested in eating his fellow cellmate. The government in Albania received word that the village was keeping these two in the same cage. They didn’t find it as cute and funny as the residents: so they had to release the wolf back into the wild.

The wolf returned to the mountains that he came from, and the donkey was transferred to a large pasture. So they are both out of their cage, but they are no longer together at all times. If that sounds like a sad end to the story then worry not! The wolf frequently visits the pasture where the donkey is located to talk about their old days back in the cage.

It’s unclear what caused the wolf to befriend the donkey instead of eating him alive; perhaps the common interest of being contained instead of being able to run free was enough for these two to set aside their differences, or perhaps the wolf is just a vegetarian. No matter what caused it, it’s a humorous and adorable friendship between the two that will last for the rest of their lives.