Who Are They? 10 People With the Highest IQ’s in The World


#10 – Judit Polgar (170 IQ)

Chess is a game where the highest rankings are dominated by some of the smartest people in the world. In the Chess community it’s widely accepted that the best female player to ever live is Judit Polgar, a 37-year-old woman from Hungary. At only 15 years old, Judit Polgar was the youngest person to ever earn the title of “Chess Grandmaster” back in 1991, breaking Bobby Fischer’s already impressive record.

The Chess World Championship has always been an “old boys” club, but Polgar broke the trend by qualifying for the tournament in 2005. For 26 years, Polgar was easily the highest ranked female in chess, until finally in March of this year her spot was taken over by Hou Yifan; Polgar is still no slouch at chess, and you shouldn’t take it as a compliment when she says you’re soon to be “mated.”