16 Crazy Tattoos You Have to See to Believe

The art of tattooing has long been a part of cultures spanning the globe, beginning as a practice and tradition in many countries centuries ago. During the early life of tattooing, the permanent ink served many purposes such as a rite of passage, a mark of status or a rank and symbol of religious belief and devotion. In fact, various tribes around the world often believed that tattoos carried magical qualities that helped further protect them from enemies or barriers.

Today, tattoos have become quite common with meanings that span from professions of love and drunken nights to symbols of religion and memories of a loved one. Some tattoos mark memberships into certain clubs while others serve as a permanent reminder of a moment in time. With a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, the world of tattooing is now a highly profitable industry, even with reality television shows dedicated to the artistry. Needless to say, there are some incredible tattoos in the world and we have found 15 of the craziest tattoos that you’ll have to see to believe!

#16 – Chin Eye

1. Chine Eye

While many people opt to tattoo their biceps, wrists, calves and feet, this guy decided to take a completely different approach to express his originality. Though neck tattoos are fairly common, we are pretty certain that this realistic eyeball is the only one of its kind with its placement just under this red-head’s chin. In a weird mix of sci-fi and reality, we especially love that he grew a beard to add to the effect, creating a red haired uni-brow to top the odd ball off!

#15 – Zip it Up

2. Zip it Up

“Zip it up, already!” With arms being a common area for tattoos, especially biceps and wrists, this zippered tattoo runs from the wrist to the elbow with an incredibly unique design! As if the tattooed zipper itself wasn’t enough, the artist stepped it up another notch for a real BAM! factor by adding creepy hands crawling out of the mouth of the zipper. We’ll “zip it up” if this guy keeps it zipped!

#14 – Cyborg in Disguise

3. Cyborg in Disguise

Did we mention how common arm tattoos are? Next on our list is another arm tattoo but this design is truly one for the record books as it resembles a robot arm hidden beneath this man’s flesh! Designed to perfection, this inked 3D cyborg tattoo is mind-bogging and realistic so that people are sure to take a second look to fully appreciate this one-of-a-kind art (that, and to make sure the guy isn’t a robot!). Since tattoos often reflect one’s interests and passion, there’s no doubt that this guy is into robots and modern technology! We’re fairly certain he probably has a Transformers collection or wildly appreciates the work of the Iron Man himself!

#13 – Just Creepy

4. Just Creepy

In a quick launch from arm tattoos into just plain weird and creepy, this woman’s rib cage tattoo is definitely something to ponder. With a wicked sense of humor and a dark side, this woman took her tattoo to new levels by opting for a design that looks as though her rib cage opens into a dark abyss, which just so happens to feature large green cat-like eyes and gnarly teeth! We hope she is married and that her significant other appreciates her dark side. If not, we can’t imagine the conversation when her date asks, “What the heck is that?”

#12 – I Bet You Took a 2nd Look

5. I Bet You Took a 2nd Look

You took a second look at this tattoo, didn’t you? That’s alright because we did too! This petrifying tattoo of a cobra in 3D deserves a second and third look since is appears as though the venomous snake is actually lurching out of this man’s arm. We can’t help but wonder why this guy chose this design but we are fairly certain that the designer is a genius with his incredible skills! At first glance, we actually thought his elbow was bleeding from the snake being wrapped around it! Wicked cool!

#11 – The Real Spiderman

6. The Real Spiderman

With the relaunch of comic books into the movie scene, fearless heroes like Iron Man, the Avengers, Batman and Spiderman are now the forefront of toy aisles, billboards and movie screens. Because of this, we can only imagine the number of superhero tattoos in the world as fans flock to get their beloved hero permanently inked on their body. This fan took his love to the extreme as he opted for the real Spiderman suit as though concealed just beneath his skin. We can’t imagine the pain of this tattoo but we are fairly sure that he won’t have trouble getting a date with this superhero design!

#10 – Modern Art

7. Modern Art

The first leg tattoo on our list, this design runs from the upper thigh to the calf and is a real beauty! The leg looks almost artificial under the lighting and with the pattern itself, which is uniquely detailed and 3D in form. With countless hours under the needle for such an intricately beautiful design, we have no doubt that this tattoo artist is one of the best of the best for his precision, skill and creativity. Who wouldn’t want to wear shorts or a skirt to show off this stunning tattoo?

#9 – Bear Paws

8.  Bear Paws

Did you know that the lion is one of the most common animal tattoos as it symbolizes royalty? Coming in second is the bear and bear paw which symbolize strength and bravery. This man added to his own bravery by opting for a unique bear paw that is designed to look as though it has stepped on and crushed his leg. Complete with shading to resemble the muddy earth and cracks in the skin, this trampled claw is the best we’ve seen!

#8 – Why??

9. Why

We can’t and won’t take a second look at this tattoo; it’s just too creepy. Quite possibly, it is the creepiest tattoo in the world! The man who opted for this design must have a bizarre obsession with Chucky-like dolls to have come up with something this creepy and oddly amazing! Despite its strangeness, we can’t help but admit it’s creepy beauty and the talent of the artist to not only agree to design something this outrageous but to actually do it impeccably! Seriously, though, we can’t help but wonder: “Why?”

#7 – Look at my Muscles!

10. Look at my Muscles

Let’s get up close and personal with your muscles, shall we? The second zippered tattoo on our list, this man opted to show off all of that hard work at the gym lifting weights with this insightful look into his muscles! With already toned muscles, the tattoo is quite fitting by giving “ripped” a whole new meaning. From the muscle details to those on the zipper, even featuring the closed zipper on top of his shoulder, we are astounded by the details and how real this design appears! Which way was it, again, to the beach?

#6 – I Bet She Loves Cartoons

11. I Bet She Loves Cartoons

There is absolutely no doubt that this woman loves anime and cartoons, having decided to show her love with a full sleeve tattoo of her favorite characters. As we saw with the Spiderman tattoo, it’s fairly common to get cartoon tattoos but, this design, offers an entirely new approach as it seems to tell a story. Though we are unsure of the storyline, we know that everything from the single eyeball and the black birds to the checkerboard and numerous faces that this is one arm wrenching thriller!

#5 – Canadian Leaf

12. Canadian Leaf

Can you think of a better way to show national pride than by joining in and singing O Canada or wearing national colors? This person took patriotism quite a bit further by getting a tattoo that symbolizes his beloved Canadian country. The intricacy of the leaf itself is stunning but the details within the design of the bird of prey, the rabbit and the landscape make this absolutely exquisite. Perhaps his Canadian love is a little extreme, but there’s no denying the beauty of the talent. Wouldn’t you agree, eh?

#4 – Faith Indeed

12. Faith Indeed

While many people opt for tattoos of crosses, scripture or other symbols of faith, this man kept faith simple, so to speak. This clever design featured on this man’s arm spanning his wrist to his elbow may be quite simple in word, but the design itself looks as though the word is carved out of stone. We can’t help but wonder and assume that the design is Christian based as it has ties to scripture. Regardless of its origin or meaning, its design is a beautiful work of art

#3 – The Eye

13. The Eye

The second eye on our list, this eye tattoo is the bigger and creepier of the two as it looks as though it is escaping from this woman’s chest, making it a true sci-fi masterpiece. Straight from a horror movie, this exquisitely realistic design is one of a kind from its red color and dark pupil to the details of blood surrounding the opening of the skin. Though we can’t deny the artistry, we are still left wondering: why exactly are people so fascinated by eyes?

#2 – Empty Brain

14. Empty Brain

Bald people actually have an upper hand (or head) when it comes to unique tattoos as they have an entirely blank canvas where most people have hair! With this ability also comes great pressure since the head is the first place people look; a bad tattoo on the head is hard to cover especially if you can’t grow hair! This man took a big chance by opting for a unique 3D geometrical pattern on the side of his head that extends from his crown to just above his ear. We especially love the shading in this design and how the orange hues go naturally well with his red beard!

#1 – Badass

15. Badass

Nothing quite says “badass” like blood, armor and muscles. Wouldn’t you agree? From the killer biceps on this guy to the extravagant upper sleeve tattoo, we can’t help but love this design! Looking like a true warrior who just stepped off of the battlefield, the man’s arm looks like his armor has been sliced, leaving blood and skin as battle scars. From the cross on his plate to the 3D design, this definitely screams “badass,” making it the manliest tattoo on our list!