16 Crazy Tattoos You Have to See to Believe


The art of tattooing has long been a part of cultures spanning the globe, beginning as a practice and tradition in many countries centuries ago. During the early life of tattooing, the permanent ink served many purposes such as a rite of passage, a mark of status or a rank and symbol of religious belief and devotion. In fact, various tribes around the world often believed that tattoos carried magical qualities that helped further protect them from enemies or barriers.

Today, tattoos have become quite common with meanings that span from professions of love and drunken nights to symbols of religion and memories of a loved one. Some tattoos mark memberships into certain clubs while others serve as a permanent reminder of a moment in time. With a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, the world of tattooing is now a highly profitable industry, even with reality television shows dedicated to the artistry. Needless to say, there are some incredible tattoos in the world and we have found 15 of the craziest tattoos that you’ll have to see to believe!