Top 25 “If You Can Finish It It’s Free” Food Challenges in the World


#25 – Big Bill’s Challenge, Maynard Village Pizza

We double dare you to beat Big Bill! Located just west of Boston, Massachusetts sits the small town of Maynard, which is home to Maynard Village Pizza. Offering the biggest year round food challenge in the area, the chance to beat Big Bill only happens once a year. Any other time, patrons can order their favorite Maynard Village Pizza subs but, to take on the challenge, they have to order the 30-incher. With the two and half foot sub in hand and 30 minutes on the clock, anyone who finishes gets the $24 sub for free!

The biggest competition, however, occurs every February where patrons can challenge Maynard Village Pizza owner, Big Bill, during the week of his birthday for a chance at some incredible prizes. The first person who beats Big Bill wins a $150 gift card to the local mall as well as a $100 Maynard Village Pizza gift card, to use much later of course! Even second place wins a $50 gift card to the restaurant making this competition one of the area’s finest!