Top 25 “If You Can Finish It It’s Free” Food Challenges in the World


Whether it’s fat free or low calorie, throw the diet food in the trash because it’s time to chow down! While many of us try to watch what we eat to avoid gaining those unwanted pounds, there are some meals where it’s nice to indulge even if it’s not the healthiest thing on the menu. From supersized meals and cheesy appetizers to fried foods and gallons of ice cream, sometimes food just tastes good.

Food challenges and competitive eaters take this kind of indulgence to the next level. While you think ordering a six-ounce steak is big news, think again as food challenges center around the theme: bigger is better. In fact, that six-ounce steak looks more like a bit sized snack when it comes to some of the top food challenges around the world.

If you’ve ever seen “Man vs. Food”, you’ve probably heard of food challenges that border on delicious and daunting to incredibly insane. Of course, with so many appearing on the show, we’re fairly certain that there are dozens of others you’ve never heard of, which inspired our list! Between seafood and steaks to desserts and everything in between, we found 25 of the craziest eating challenges around the world that are sure to leave you hungry for more! Grab your fork and pass the potatoes as we get set to dive in!