Top 20 Smartest US Presidents Based on School Grades


“O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light…” From emperors to kings and queens, there is none more important to Americans than the President of the United States. With patriotism to the red, white and blue and the promise of continual freedom, Americans gather together to elect the newest leader of the free world every four years with the hopes of change, peace, and good fortune.

With America’s history steeped in greatness thanks to forefathers like George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, today’s elections seem more like a popularity contest or a joke. As media coverage grows over candidates like Donald Trump and Kanye West’s promise for a 2020 campaign, the title of President seems to be a race focused more about money and charisma rather than on issues that matter.

In the spirit of the presidency and as we gear up for campaign season, we can’t help but wonder about our past presidents. Who were the smartest and what did they study? While it’s nearly impossible to say which President was in fact the most intelligent, we found the top 20 smartest U.S. Presidents based on their grades in school. From our country’s first Commander-in-Chief to our more recent presidents, let’s take a look at the history of the United States’ greatest leaders!