Top 10 Selfies in the History of the World


#10 – Heads Up

Heads-UpThis selfie comes courtesy of Kelly Nash, a sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball. Nash was taking a pregame photo for her Instagram page in 2013 when a baseball in batting practice came shockingly close to her head. Although the selfie looks like she is going to get obliterated by the ball, it actually ended up missing her. She didn’t know how close it was until she saw the picture afterward.

Perhaps the selfie was one of the best things that happened to Nash’s career since her name got out there as a reporter. In 2015, Nash was hired by the MLB Network. It’s not as if Nash didn’t deserve the promotion, since she already holds a pair of master’s degrees, but it certainly didn’t hurt her cause. Now she gets to be in the studio instead of near the dangerous field.