Thug Life: 16 Rappers With Hilarious Real Names


There are a ton of actors, authors, and singers, out there that choose not to use their real names; some do it out of embarrassment of not having a strong publishing name, while others wish to stay anonymous for their publications. Most of the time, Celebrities wishing to be known under a “star name” will simply keep their first or last name, and make up the other one. The two most common professions for celebrities to change into an onstage persona which is almost unrecognizable, is professional wrestling, and hip hop rapping.

There aren’t too many rappers these days that are known by their real name, and some would argue that the name doesn’t even matter since it’s really all about the music. But regardless of what kind of music you create, you want to give yourself a cool and catchy name for people to remember you. While the origins of some of the biggest rap names a have been discovered, a lot of them are still shrouded in mystery.

But which rappers have the weirdest names in their day to day life? Here are the top 16 rappers that have hilarious real names, but judging by their lyrical content you probably don’t want to risk using them.