The Miracle of Duct Tape: 18 Insane Duct tape Creations, Uses and Absurdities


#18 – Duct Tape Wallet

1. Duct Tape Wallet

Have you ever lost your wallet? Have you ever accidentally washed it in the laundry only to have it ruined forever? If you are in need of a wallet, don’t waste your time running to the mall to find a leather replacement. Instead, with a little creativity and Duct Tape, you can have a unique wallet without spending a single penny! Of course, a Duct Tape wallet isn’t much on style but this design even features multiple credit card slots, making it inexpensive and functional! Bro Tip: Don’t pull this beauty out on a date because, chances are, your girl might just think if you’re too cheap to buy a wallet, the next date night might include the dollar menu!