The Miracle of Duct Tape: 18 Insane Duct tape Creations, Uses and Absurdities

Many people live by the adage that Duct tape and WD-40 can fix just about anything. To be honest, we can’t really argue with that since we tend to fix everything with the dynamic duo as well! While the pair is used for everything under the sun, this list focuses on the sticky side of things: the miraculous wonders of Duct tape.

Duct tape was first thought of by Vesta Stoudt, a factory worker and mother who worried that problems with ammunition box seals would cost soldiers precious time in battle. Vesta wrote of her concern and her solution to the President of the United States who then forwarded the idea to the War Production Board. Eventually, it reached the hands of Johnson and Johnson, leading to Duct Tape as we know it today.

Commonly used for sealing and ventilation needs, Duct Tape has filled a deep void as its practical application is endless, reaching as far as space itself in its use in spaceflight. But, necessity being the true mother of invention (sorry, Vesta), we have found that Duct Tape can also be used in awesomely clever ways. In fact, we found 18 insane Duct Tape creations, uses and absurdities you are sure to enjoy!

#18 – Duct Tape Wallet

1. Duct Tape Wallet

Have you ever lost your wallet? Have you ever accidentally washed it in the laundry only to have it ruined forever? If you are in need of a wallet, don’t waste your time running to the mall to find a leather replacement. Instead, with a little creativity and Duct Tape, you can have a unique wallet without spending a single penny! Of course, a Duct Tape wallet isn’t much on style but this design even features multiple credit card slots, making it inexpensive and functional! Bro Tip: Don’t pull this beauty out on a date because, chances are, your girl might just think if you’re too cheap to buy a wallet, the next date night might include the dollar menu!

#17 – A Hammock

2. A Hammock

Who would ever guess that a makeshift hammock made out of Duct Tape could look so relaxing? The next time you decide to go camping, don’t forget to pack a roll of Duct tape for not only repairs but for under the stars relaxation! Just be cautious about the weight limit; who knows how long until this relaxing swing turns into gravity’s next crashing disaster!

#16 – Gift Wrappers

3. Gift Wrappers

When you think of Duct Tape and gift wrap, it’s easy to first imagine a practical joke. Why else would a gift be wrapped in Duct Tape but to trick the receiver into spending countless time busting into the package? That’s obviously not the case here with these beautifully wrapped presents that even feature Duct Tape bows! Who needs to spend another dollar on wrapping paper when a decorative alternative is sitting right in your garage! Besides, it sure makes for a great conversation piece!

#15 – Easy Fix for your Fridge

4. Easy Fix for your Fridge

If you are the parent of teens or have ever lived in an apartment in college, you probably know the damage that can be done to a fridge when the door is constantly opened and slammed in desperate searches for food. Sometimes, heavy items and the constant slamming can do great damage to the storage areas in the door itself, which can cost a couple hundred bucks to replace. When money is tight but the fridge is broken, trusty old Duct Tape is a great fix for make-shift shelves to hold back even the heaviest of items! Heck, why would anyone want to buy a new fridge with this quick fix?

#14 – Fix the Road

5. Fix the Road

Streets are notoriously bad when heavy trucks and construction vehicles travel across them, creating potholes and cracks. In fact, the Department of Transportation gets countless requests to repair roads that they obviously do not have the funds to repair. In a comical attempt to ease an already cracked road, passerby opted to fix the street with Duct Tape to keep the cracks from further spreading. Though Duct Tape is known for its strength, we are fairly certain gravity will eventually win this turf war, making this a funny but futile attempt to mend the broken road!

#13 – Computer Case

6. Computer Case

The Geek Squad at Best Buy probably wouldn’t recommend duct taping your computer but, we know that computer parts are expensive and can’t blame this person for coming up with a creative solution! In a clever attempt to save cash without damaging his computer, this self-proclaimed tech expert covered his computer in duct tape, which obviously is also helping prevent dust mites from getting into the hardware!  Although it’s not the greatest solution, he at least was able to buy the newest video game with the money he saved!

#12 – Fail-proof Bike Lock

7. Failproof Bike Lock

Are you tired of having to worry about your bike getting stolen? Do the average bike locks just not do the trick anymore? While most people opt for simple bike locks and chain, this clever bike owner took things to the next level with a fail-proof bike lock. The bike is actually covered entirely in Duct Tape, which stretches around the base of the traffic column. We’re not quite sure if the bike still cycles or if he has to remove all of the tape before he can ride again. Either way, this is a clever, albeit time consuming solution!

#11 – Duct Tape Jeans

8. Duct Tape Jeans

Are space pants back in style? If you have an eclectic sense of style and really want to make a statement with your pants, Duct Tape pants are definitely for you! With the creative juices flowing, this man wrapped an entire pair of blue jeans in Duct Tape to achieve the look you see here. In this one-of-a-kind masterpiece, we applaud his creativity and style but are fairly certain this look won’t be seen in the mall anytime soon. Besides, what happens when he has to go to the bathroom?

#10 – Cool Flip Flops

9. Flip Flops

As if the jeans were not enough, these cool flip flops could easily complete the entire fashion ensemble to create an eye-catching and certainly unforgettable look. Simple in design, these slip on flip flops offer no support but are definitely a custom fit! If you’re in the market for Duct Tape flip flops, look no further as all you have to do is cut cardboard to fit your feet and then wrap the cardboard in duct tape, creating a strap as you finish the design. Now, let’s don’t all rush out and make a pair, alright?

#9 – Emergency Sling

10. Emergency Sling

Have you ever been in an accident in the middle of nowhere and injured yourself in some way? Did you have the right medical tools to ease the pain of the injury? If, by chance, you find yourself in an accident and break your arm or your leg, all you need is a roll of Duct Tape to ease the pain until you can find medical help! Ingenious and clever, this makeshift sling is made from toilet tissue and Duct Tape and features a neck cord that elevates the injured arm. We certainly hope you don’t break your arm but if you do, now you’re covered!

#8 – Is this Safe??

11. Is this Safe

Who let this guy off of the crazy farm? No, seriously! Some people are actually crazy enough to think that Duct Tape can be used for everything, even a hot air balloon! A group of people actually got together and wrapped a hot air balloon in Duct Tape. As you can see here, it obviously worked but we can’t help but wonder how the heat didn’t melt the tape! Regardless, we’re just glad that this isn’t the new standard for hot air balloons, otherwise up, up and away would be actually be down and out!

#7 – Duct Tape in Babysitting

12. Duct Tape in Babysitting

Do you have an active toddler who seems to get into everything? Did you recently catch your two year old eating out of the dog food bowl or trying to crawl into the trash can? One way to keep your child out of harm is to place them in their playpen but, as so many parents know, determined kids can always find a way to escape. Despite being clever (and illegal), this parent made a comical attempt at keeping an eye on the baby by Duct Taping her and her toy duck to the wall. Though cute and funny, we do not recommend anyone trying this with their kids or their pets.

#6 – Stylish Dress

13. Stylish Dress

Have you ever heard of the Duct Tape prom dress challenge that’s awarded to high school seniors? The challenge is to create and wear a dress made entirely of Duct Tape. This dress takes the cake, though, with its beautiful design and textured look as well as its bouquet of Duct Tape roses, a bracelet and a purse to match! Of course, we can’t help but laugh at the seriousness of the model as she is wearing a roll of Duct Tape around her neck. America’s Next Top Model here we come!

#5 – Airplane Repair

14. AIrplane Repair

Duct Tape is known for its use in the military as well as in spaceflight so, it just makes sense to turn to handy Duct Tape to fix whatever is broken. If the military trusts it, we can too, right? The owner of this plane decided to take the look of his airplane to the next level by covering the entire plane in Duct Tape. While the full effect can’t be seen from the photo, just imagine the sun reflecting on all of that silver tape! Regardless, if a bolt is loose on this beauty, it’s sure not going anywhere with all of that reinforcement!

#4 – Tire Repair Kit

15. Tire Repair Kit

Most of us have had a flat tire and know how it can ruin a perfectly good day! Rather than having to worry about running to the tire shop, this car owner actually provided a makeshift solution to last him through the work day. Trying to fix the leaky hole, the owner wrapped the tire in duct tape to seal the hole so that he could temporarily air it back up.  While it worked as a quick fix, we can only imagine the giggles and smirks from the tire shop when he drove in sporting this makeshift fix.

#3 – Need a Stretcher?

16. Need a Stretcher

Remember the hammock from earlier? This stretcher features a similar design and was actually the result of a summer camp activity.  In a lesson on being resourceful in the event of an emergency, the kids were challenged to make a stretcher using Duct Tape and whatever they could find in the woods.  A true DIY project, this stretcher is pretty awesome especially since it was created by kids!

#2 – Survival Bayonet

17. Survival Bayonet

Have you noticed that many of the Duct Tape creations on our list have to do with survival and being out in the middle of nowhere? This DIY bayonet follows similar suit having been crafted from a wood stick and an old knife held together by Duct Tape. We imagine that this would be a great defense weapon or might prove pretty handy in spear fishing if you are out camping or hiking near a lake.

#1 – Duct Tape Boat

18. Duct Tpe Boat

Canoes are already fairly hard to maneuver especially when it comes to two people having to balance together to keep it from tipping over. Now, can you imagine paddling in a duct tape boat? While the boat is not made entirely of duct tape, its hull and sides are wrapped in tape to prevent further leaking. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fishing and boating, you might actually love this boat and the duct tape concept. There’s even an annual contest to see who can wrap an entire boat in duct tape the best!