The Miracle of Duct Tape: 18 Insane Duct tape Creations, Uses and Absurdities


Many people live by the adage that Duct tape and WD-40 can fix just about anything. To be honest, we can’t really argue with that since we tend to fix everything with the dynamic duo as well! While the pair is used for everything under the sun, this list focuses on the sticky side of things: the miraculous wonders of Duct tape.

Duct tape was first thought of by Vesta Stoudt, a factory worker and mother who worried that problems with ammunition box seals would cost soldiers precious time in battle. Vesta wrote of her concern and her solution to the President of the United States who then forwarded the idea to the War Production Board. Eventually, it reached the hands of Johnson and Johnson, leading to Duct Tape as we know it today.

Commonly used for sealing and ventilation needs, Duct Tape has filled a deep void as its practical application is endless, reaching as far as space itself in its use in spaceflight. But, necessity being the true mother of invention (sorry, Vesta), we have found that Duct Tape can also be used in awesomely clever ways. In fact, we found 18 insane Duct Tape creations, uses and absurdities you are sure to enjoy!