15 Freaky and Frightening Images of Everyday Items

From cave dwelling hunters to technologically adept individuals who can now change the television channel with an app on a smartphone or with the sound of their voice, the progression of humans has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. But, despite this remarkable evolution, humans still have the same primal instincts of our cave-dwelling ancestors who used these natural abilities to hunt for food and survive harsh conditions.

One of these primal instincts is called Pareidolia, which is the ability to recognize a face or patterns and shapes out of ordinary objects. Think we’re crazy, too? Do you remember as a child when you could easily see faces and shapes in clouds or ordinary objects? That’s pareidolia and is our brain’s way of telling us, as it did early in our evolution, that something could be a potential threat. Now, we’re fairly certain that clouds never intended to harm us, but it’s still very cool to see how our brains work to protect us from harm’s way. Take a look at these 15 freaky and frightening images of everyday items and see true pareidolia at work!

#15 – Just Paper Boxes..

1. Just Paper Boxes..

While these may just be a pair of empty open boxes at first glance, if you take a second look you might just see the resemblance! Did you look again and see it? These lazy-eyed looking robots are complete with a rectangular mouth and arm flaps that make them look like something straight from a cartoon or sci-fi movie! The next time the office manager orders paper supplies, be sure to do a double take and see if you can find more of this lazy-eyed, arm flapping robot family!

#14 – Spooky Grill

2. Spooky Grill

This may be an ordinary grill cover but, in our opinion, it’s actually far from ordinary! Thanks to the snow covering the top of the grill and the creases in the cover itself, we can’t help but notice a pair of scary looking eyes and a mischievous grin. Far from a happy smiling face, this look is a close resemblance to the creepy jack-o-lanterns found throughout neighborhood front porches during Halloween. Could it be our brain playing tricks that makes this grill cover a true Halloween like fright?

#13 – Nightmare Backpack

3. Nightmare Backpack

This harmless backpack is idly hanging by the door ready for its next adventure at school. But, do you see the angry little monster with close-set eyes and an open mouth? If this backpack could talk, we are fairly certain this guy would be screaming, “Put me down, now!”  How cool would it be to have a backpack that could actually talk like this angry little guy? You could literally have your next algebra test in the bag with this dude feeding you hints! Where can we get one of these bags again?

#12 – Say Cheese

4. Say Cheese

Cheese graters are typically one of the staples of kitchen utensils right behind spatulas and wooden spoons, of course. This handy little gadget helps cooks all around the world whip up deliciously delightful dishes as it makes grating cheese and other items a downright breeze. In fact, the cheese grater here looks like a happy little grater with a true stainless steel face formed by holes and an opening on the side of the utensil. Literally, his face looks like he was caught on camera, smiling and saying, “Cheese!”

#11 – What’s Up!

5. What's Up!

One of the worst household chores just might be mopping, wouldn’t you agree? While mopping ensures a spotless floor, the chore itself can be a back-wrenching pain! Once used on the floor, the lowly mop is returned to its resting place in the closet, waiting for its next time to clean up those pesky spills. Looking at this mop, it seems like this guy really hates his job as he sports an angry scowl and wild green hair. We think it resembles the grumpy old Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants but with hair. Can you see it?

#10 – Try Me On!


Look down at your feet. Do you see a pair of wide eyes and eyebrows in your shoelaces? While you have probably never looked at your shoes to decipher eyes or, much less a face, you can easily make out the happy little face in the shoe pictured here. The loops of the shoe laces actually look like wide-opened eyes and the tails of the laces take the form of wide eyebrows! This happy faced shoe is just begging for someone to try him on!

#9 – Totems


Aside from putting the laundry detergent in the washer, you probably haven’t paid much attention to the laundry bottle itself. Why would you? They are far from entertaining like cereal box games and trivia facts which, come to think of it, might be a good marketing idea for the bottles to have laundry tips! Nevertheless, take a look at these laundry bottles and tell us what you see! If you look closely, the sides of the container and the handles form totem-like faces complete with intense eyes and frowning mouths!

#8 – Creepy Pepper


This pepper actually looks like a miniature monster that is screaming at the top of its imaginary lungs or as though it is preparing for some dental work with its wide open mouth and tiny teeth. Perhaps, the hot pepper got a taste of its own and is screaming out for a sip of water from bringing the heat! Either way, chefs must have a great time in the kitchen as they discover odd faces and shapes as they slice and dice their ingredients to whip up delicious meals!

#7 – Want Some Chocolate Milk?


We always thought that chocolate milk was a happy beverage but, this chocolate milk carton has us second guessing ourselves. The top of the carton is squished into the handle and dented in to form a furrowed brow just above an angry set of eyes, a wide nose and a small pursed mouth. We can’t quite decide whether this is funny or creepy but, for now, we’ll stick with plain milk just in case this angry scowl brings a nasty bite!

#6 – Don’t Come In!


In cartoons, objects come to life with unique imagination that transforms ordinary things like doors and windows, car headlights and lampshades into living, breathing and talking characters. This architectural structure doesn’t need much help from any cartoonist as its look of shock and awe is created by its windows and door. The two round white window frames create the eyes and the dark glass panes make the pupils! With added arches around the windows to create eyebrows, the look is finished with an arched doorway that doubles as an open mouth!

#5 – Yum!


Gnom, gnom, gnom. Like the movie Cars, it is easy for people to recognize faces and patterns in vehicles. From trucks driving down the street to buses and SUVS, imaginations run crazy as these vehicles easily take the shape of moving faces with tiny legs. This creativity doesn’t stop with cars and trucks. Take a look at this aircraft carried, a CH 47 Chinook helicopter that looks like a giant sperm whale with two round eyes and a big mouth. In fact, it actually looks like the troops are “swimming” into the wide mouth of this giant beast, which is happily enjoying its afternoon snack.

#4 – Cricket Minions


Minions have become a huge hit thanks to the movie Despicable Me. In fact, minions are literally everywhere from the big screen and billboards to party favors and dog toys. This convenience store unknowingly joined the minion frenzy with this box of lighters sitting near the cash register. The tops of the tiny lighters look like miniature minions begging to be bought and carried home. Who wouldn’t want their very own “bee-do bee-do” minion lighter?

#3 – Piranha 3D!


Watch out or you’ll get bit! This jacket zipper and button brings an entirely new meaning to “zip it up!” with its piranha like look! It is fairly uncommon to see patterns in apparel, unless it’s a screen printed t-shirt and then, well, duh! But, this jacket has a true angry red piranha look with its rivet button eye socket and a jagged set of upper and lower teeth created by the zipper. Either way, the resemblance is uncanny!

#2 – Want a Piece Me?


This sandwich looks like a real life version of a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Though the fact that this sandwich looks like a face may be a coincidence, we can’t help but enjoy the creativity of the sandwich maker! The stuffed olives look like eyes and the pepperoni, cheese and bun make the opening for the mouth. The leafy green lettuce looks like a tongue sticking out in good fun! Although this sandwich may not be appetizing, it makes for one heck of a real life cartoon!

#1 – Hello!


The next time that you get in your car, take a look at the overhead lights and see if you can imagine a set of eyes. That’s exactly what happened here in this SUV where the LED lights make a pair of eyes with the buttons forming the pupils. The pull down sunglass compartment creates a wide gaping mouth that seems to be shocked you would store anything in its mouth! Although funny during the day, it’s probably pretty creepy to look up at night and see this google eyed face staring down at you! Boo!