15 Freaky and Frightening Images of Everyday Items


From cave dwelling hunters to technologically adept individuals who can now change the television channel with an app on a smartphone or with the sound of their voice, the progression of humans has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. But, despite this remarkable evolution, humans still have the same primal instincts of our cave-dwelling ancestors who used these natural abilities to hunt for food and survive harsh conditions.

One of these primal instincts is called Pareidolia, which is the ability to recognize a face or patterns and shapes out of ordinary objects. Think we’re crazy, too? Do you remember as a child when you could easily see faces and shapes in clouds or ordinary objects? That’s pareidolia and is our brain’s way of telling us, as it did early in our evolution, that something could be a potential threat. Now, we’re fairly certain that clouds never intended to harm us, but it’s still very cool to see how our brains work to protect us from harm’s way. Take a look at these 15 freaky and frightening images of everyday items and see true pareidolia at work!