Tear-Jerking: Father and Son Pose for the Same Photo Every Year for 29 Years


    The bond between a father and son is one that can never be broken, no matter how hard it seems like some of us try sometimes. In the case of one father from China, he wanted to document how his son was growing up before his very eyes by taking a nearly identical photo each year of his son, Tian Li, on his birthday.

    For nearly 30 years now, the man named Tian Jun from China’s Guizhou Province has taken these photos and kept them until his son became a man and now he is sharing them with the world. The child has grown a lot while his father has also changed, and there was a lot that was going on in the world during the time he was growing up.

    It’s a powerful series of images that show the aging process in an almost gut-wrenching way as you have to see the father get old while his son starts to look like he did toward the end of the pictures. Here is the amazing series of photos that the father and son took over the past three decades.