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Among every age group you and old alike, professional wrestling has always been the most popular faux sport in the world. While the outcomes in professional wrestling may be predetermined, there is still a lot of athleticism involved in the aerial maneuvers and various moves that are performed. While the competitors in wrestling are meant to simulate receiving injuries from their opponents, many of the on-screen injuries are more real than fantasy; these injuries can take years off of an athlete’s life span, and due to this (and other reasons), there have been many pro wrestlers that have unfortunately met their death at a young age.

Steroids have played a major role in some of these premature deaths, but in order to maintain their image, and receive a sizable pay check, these athletes will go to any lengths to stay relevant. It’s no shock that steroids come with a long list of health problems, but until recently they weren’t banned in professional wrestling. But which wrestling superstar’s sudden deaths shocked us the most? Here are the top 16 young wrestlers, who suddenly passed away and left us shocked and mourning. All of these performers unfortunately passed away before the age of 50, and the list does not include Chris Benoit: who took his own life after murdering his wife and son.

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Professional wrestling is built around eccentric characters of both massive size and ego, which can capture and entertain any crowd through their daring maneuvers and over the top antics. Wrestling promotions give the impression that only the biggest and baddest competitors can make their way to the top, because an average size guy would have an awful hard time actually beating a guy like “The Big Show” in a one on one match (or even a three on one match, that guy looks like he eats bones for breakfast).

While many people have spoken out about the use of steroids in professional sports over the years, Vince McMahon (current Chairman and CEO of the WWE) has said that professional wrestling is now completely clean. Whether it’s true or not that steroids can longer be found in the WWE locker room, wrestlers are still becoming increasingly massive over the years.

Bulking up to enter the ring has led to some incredible body transformations over the years, with some of wrestling’s biggest stars looking completely different than they did when they first started their careers; which ones have gotten the biggest? Take a look at the top 15 wrestlers that you might not recognize due to their incredible physical transformations.

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If you want to make it in the world of professional wrestling, you’ll need more than flashy moves and the ability to dive off the ropes and land on your opponent without having to go to the hospital afterwards. You’ll need to create an unforgettable persona fans can instantly recognize, like Hulk Hogan or the Rock. And whether the fans love you or love to hate you, the single most important thing about being a wrestler is to be memorable.

But coming up with the right character, or gimmick, as it’s known in the profession, is a lot harder than you may think. And of course those bulky wrestlers are generally not known to be the smartest people in any room. So when they fail, they fail hard. They become memorable, just not in the way they originally intended. Whether it’s lack of effort or imagination, or just plain too many folding chairs to the face, these guys will leave you scratching your head and keep you puzzled for quite some time.

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There was a time when professional wrestling was believed to be undeniably real, but now almost everyone is aware that it’s scripted; the action in the ring may be real, but only the viewers aren’t clued in who the night’s victor will be. These days it’s almost impossible to tell someone you’re a wrestling fan without being asked: “You know it’s fake, right?” The constant reminder can get pretty annoying, especially since no matter how much you train, jumping off of 12 foot ladders never really feels too great on the back.

While the pain that wrestlers feel is from the ring, the ropes, or a shattered prop, occasionally they will actually inflict real pain on each other (most of the time, it’s an accident). Every now and again wrestling gets out of hand and can turn into a real bare knuckle brawl. Over the years there have been quite a few instances of wrestlers getting into full-on fist fights, and as a result, some competitors have gotten seriously hurt for real (if it only it had been McMahon).

So when has wrestling gone off script, and become an ultra violent blood sport that would MMA fighters wince? Here are the top 10 matches where the wrestling wasn’t fake, and neither was our excitement.