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With 7 billion people and counting living in this world, a handful of them are bound to invent the next big thing in technology, or at least be able to think about something nifty. However, most of the time we get too convinced that the only “new” things that should come out involve computers or “futuristic” things. What we don’t know is that sometimes improvements to existing “old school” technology can excite everyone and make them wish that they have the same things in their area, or at least their country. Here are 20 of those inventions that you wish would be available EVERYWHERE.

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3Back in 1938, Finland’s government decided to distribute a “starter pack” for all expectant mothers in their country.


The contents of these packs are:

  • Mattress, mattress cover, undersheet, duvet cover, blanket, sleeping bag/quilt
  • Box itself doubles as a crib
  • Snowsuit, hat, insulated mittens and booties
  • Light hooded suit and knitted overalls
  • Socks and mittens, knitted hat and balaclava
  • Bodysuits, romper suits and leggings in unisex colours and patterns
  • Hooded bath towel, nail scissors, hairbrush, toothbrush, bath thermometer, nappy cream, washcloth
  • Cloth nappy set and muslin squares
  • Picture book and teething toy
  • Bra pads, condoms


The best part of this is that the box that comes with it serves as the baby’s first bed; almost all Finnish babies have had their first naps in those boxes. Mothers are given the choice between the maternity package, or a €140 (around $157) cash grant; almost 95% of mothers choose the package, given that it is definitely worth more valuable than the cash grant.


Nowadays the box is pretty much a rite of passage for all Finnish mothers: making them some of the happiest in the world thanks to their government. It’s definitely much better to let the child sleep in a make-shift bed, instead of buying an obscenely expensive cradle that won’t get much use after the second year.


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With the advent of technology, almost everyone in the world has a camera with them at all times courtesy of their phones. However, decades ago, taking photos was a luxury that was done very rarely. Usually people only spent money for photos if a loved one had died, as the Victorians have demonstrated with “memento mori” photographs. Eventually photography was used for more official documentation such as mug shots, and to celebrate certain moments in history. Some of these photographs were so rare that when they were unearthed, it genuinely surprised people. Here are 22 very rare photos from history that you might have never seen before.