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Have you ever met someone who not only claimed to be really smart, but also that they had a much higher IQ than anyone they know? Most of the time, these self proclaimed geniuses are actually full of it, and are simply parading around with the results of a faux IQ test they found online: using it as a way to feel better about themselves. But even though the world is full of pseudo-savants, there are a few places in the world where the real geniuses are walking among us (and it probably isn’t your local community college).

These brilliant minds can be found in some of the most exclusive intellectual societies, such as the widely respected “MENSA” and the “Mega Society.” The smartest people in the world are all harboring an IQ of 160 or more, so you might want to be a little skeptic when your friend Tiffany says she took a test and scored something comparable to Steven Hawking!

The IQ test is certainly an inexact science, but it provides us with a fairly accurate understanding of just how intelligent and advanced someone’s mind is. But who among us have the highest IQs in the world today? Here are the top 10 mega-minds boasting IQs that are astonishing.

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With 7 billion people and counting living in this world, a handful of them are bound to invent the next big thing in technology, or at least be able to think about something nifty. However, most of the time we get too convinced that the only “new” things that should come out involve computers or “futuristic” things. What we don’t know is that sometimes improvements to existing “old school” technology can excite everyone and make them wish that they have the same things in their area, or at least their country. Here are 20 of those inventions that you wish would be available EVERYWHERE.