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  • Four-Legged Heroes: 10 Incredibly Loyal Dogs Who Saved Their Owners’ Lives

    Dogs have long been known and considered to be man’s best friend. Despite the endless supply of drool and comically infuriating shenanigans, their easygoing nature and tremendous loyalty place them above and beyond any other pet (sorry, cat lovers). Dog owners put immense faith in their pets that would normally be considered crazy. When was […]

  • 20 Cute Things Every Dog Owner Can Relate with

    I am the proud owner of 3 rescue dogs. Two of them I got when they were puppies, and one was already 3 years old when I got her. With all the happiness and sloppy kisses, there are some funny things that they do that aren’t that strange. Yes I know it’s a bit mean […]

  • 16 Adorable Dogs That Are Best Friends

    Humans aren’t the only living creatures on earth that have the ability to feel emotions; animals are pretty good at it too. A great example is with dogs. They’re extremely loyal to their masters, and they’re pretty cool to hang out with. They’re actually so cool that you can’t help but feel jealous whenever you […]

  • 14 Adorable Photos of Cats Sleeping on Dogs

    They say that cats and dogs don’t get along, and that they are just two species that can simply never coexist. We usually only see the two hanging out together in animated films or other cute shows, but it does happen in real life. Not very often, but it does happen. Some cats work up […]

  • 15 Signs That Every Dog Owner Will Love

    We all love our dogs: they help us out when we’re feeling down, they are fun to play with, and they don’t talk back. They’re basically like our children except they cost a lot less money, and they don’t spend their entire days browsing on their smart phones. Dog owners go a long way to […]