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  • Marine and Dog Reunite and Their Reactions Will Brighten Your Day

    After having each other’s backs while in Afghanistan, U.S. Marine Jared Heine had to part ways with his buddy and patrol dog Spike, when his brain injuries forced him to fly back home. Post-traumatic stress disorder started affecting Jared, and he began expressing how much he missed his little buddy. It got to the point […]

  • Amazing Poodle’s Jaw-Dropping Reaction to Being Rescued

    Seeing an abandoned dog is one of the saddest sights ever, and groups like Rescue From the Hart, and Hope For Paws are trying to put an end to it; the groups based out of Los Angeles received a call from a concerned citizen that an abandoned poodle in the south side of the city […]

  • Abandoned Pit Bull Grateful For Rescue

    Pit Bulls are abandoned more than any other breed of dog, and there are a lot of good people that are trying to fix that by adopting them; one group called Hope For Paws has taken a proactive stance by rescuing dogs that get abandoned on an almost daily basis. One of the most memorable […]

  • Autistic Boy and Pit Bull Form Special Bond

    The bond between a boy and his dog is one that can never be broken; that was the case for Jonny Hickey, a child that was diagnosed with autism as a toddler, and found a very special dog that he instantly fell in love with. The Hickey family knew something was amiss with Jonny’s mental […]