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  • 11 Awesome Photos of Dogs in Photo Booths

    People love photo booths, it gives us an opportunity to take a few quick photos with our friends without having to ask someone to hold our cameras; photo booths are pretty popular in malls, amusement parks, and parties, but for the most part they’re only used by humans. These days it’s not only people, but dogs […]

  • 14 Photos of Pets Reacting to Vet Trips

    It’s no secret that pets absolutely hate going to the vet’s office; hardly anything good comes from visiting the vet if you are a cat or a dog. A trip to the vet usually means that there is a shot waiting, or some other scary treatment from a stranger they have never met. Because the […]

  • Wow: Mini Kung Fu Phenom Matches Bruce Lee’s Moves With Perfect Precision

    Parents nowadays tend to over share a lot about their kids on social media: it’s gotten so overboard that it’s become bit annoying. However, every now and again those rare gems come around that make up for all of it. For instance, this 5 year old boy named Ryusei managed to nail Bruce Lee’s nunchaku scene […]

  • 16 Animals That Look Ridiculous Licking Glass

    Animals do all sorts of crazy things, and a lot of them make us laugh. One of the funniest things they do, that we unfortunately don’t get to see too often, is licking glass. A lot of people lick glass because it just looks hilarious, and animals are no exception. When animals lick glass it’s […]