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Bizarre People

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Writers take to drinking, and musicians and actors basically prefer anything they can get their hands on. And there are a lot of different drugs to choose from. Some help you keep going, some will give you tiger blood and turn you into a rock star warlock from Mars. Whatever your drug of choice, when it spirals out of control, there’s usually a tear filled intervention, rehab, the long road to recovery and a successful TV show.

And whatever your addiction, the first step to overcoming it, is admitting that you have a problem. You have to stand up and say “Hello, I’m Charlie Sheen and I’m addicted to basically everything that’s on the market.” But for some people, everything on the market is just not enough. They take their addiction to new and strange places, baffling therapists and doctors alike. The main question friends and loved ones will be asking these people at interventions, is not “why are you destroying your life?”, but rather just a head scratching “why?”

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Do you ever worry that perhaps there is nothing special or unique about you that makes you memorable? Do you feel as though nothing makes you stand out from the crowd and that you simply blend in with everyone else? While many of us often struggle with feelings of mediocrity, it is actually nothing to lose sleep over as our actions and contributions to the world are what really make a difference.

With that being said, some people simply have defining and unique characteristics that serve to shock and awe the world. In fact, society is often captivated by these astonishing people who are far different from the rest and, sometimes, for the worst. Why else can you imagine that the carnival freak shows have always been so popular? From extremely tall people to morbidly wide or freakishly thin, there are a handful of people in the world who would cause you to do a double take if you saw them in person!

Thanks to the world of the internet, we have found some of the freakiest people that will cause you to drop a WTF in a second! Here’s a list of 21 people who are, despite being hard to believe, living and breathing in this world! Take a look at this carnival freak show brought directly to you!