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  • 20 Photos That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

    Have you ever been in need of a pick me up? Back in the days before the internet, it was hard to just randomly come across a picture that really brightened your day; unless you had a scrapbook full of Polaroid pictures laying around, it was tough. Now you can find happy pictures anywhere, and […]

  • 11 Awesome Photos of Dogs in Photo Booths

    People love photo booths, it gives us an opportunity to take a few quick photos with our friends without having to ask someone to hold our cameras; photo booths are pretty popular in malls, amusement parks, and parties, but for the most part they’re only used by humans. These days it’s not only people, but dogs […]

  • Sneaky Horse Shocks Dumbfounded Owners When He Sets His Pals Free

    Who are the greatest magicians of all time? Usually you think of people like Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, David Blaine, or Penn and Teller. You don’t often think of horses when it comes to pulling off great magic tricks. Maybe you should think again! One horse in Michigan on the Misty Meadows Farms might just […]

  • 14 Photos of Pets Reacting to Vet Trips

    It’s no secret that pets absolutely hate going to the vet’s office; hardly anything good comes from visiting the vet if you are a cat or a dog. A trip to the vet usually means that there is a shot waiting, or some other scary treatment from a stranger they have never met. Because the […]

  • Watch This Therapy Dog Help This Boy with a Brain Injury Make a Miraculous Recovery

    After a horrific car crash that left Caleb with a traumatic brain injury, he had to re-learn everything that he used to do prior to the accident; he couldn’t talk, walk, or let alone play. Pet therapy helped Caleb cope, his therapy dog served as a wonderful medium for him to start responding to rehabilitation […]

  • 16 Animals That Look Ridiculous Licking Glass

    Animals do all sorts of crazy things, and a lot of them make us laugh. One of the funniest things they do, that we unfortunately don’t get to see too often, is licking glass. A lot of people lick glass because it just looks hilarious, and animals are no exception. When animals lick glass it’s […]

  • 22 Reasons Why Australia is the Most Frightening Place in the World

    Australia has some truly beautiful places that everyone should experience in their lifetime. With cities such as Sydney and Melbourne having a lot to offer, it would seem like Australia is a great country to live in. However, a good majority of the country is uninhabited, mainly because of the animals that take up a […]