Surprise! 10 Times Wrestling Was Actually Real


#10 – Ryan Kidd vs. Tony Kozina

While Magnum Pro Wrestling might not be as popular as the WWE, it still produced one of the biggest matches of all-time: Ryan Kidd was only a teenager when he was slated to go against Tony Kozina at a 2012 show. While the match was supposed to be scripted in Kidd’s favor, Kozina got a microphone before the match and told the crowd that what they were about to witness a real contest of wrestling.

The reason for Kozina’s sudden outburst, and desire for a real match, was that Kidd had hopped on the internet the previous day and started to badmouth him. What followed Kozina’s announcement was something worthy of an immediate arrest for Kozina, who delivered piledriver after painful piledriver to the helpless Kidd: it was brutal! Kidd was lucky that his neck wasn’t broken as a result of the on-screen beatdown, and we haven’t heard much from either wrestler since. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but even I know that if you smack talk a wrestler, you’re probably going to catch a smack-down.