Surprise! 10 Times Wrestling Was Actually Real


There was a time when professional wrestling was believed to be undeniably real, but now almost everyone is aware that it’s scripted; the action in the ring may be real, but only the viewers aren’t clued in who the night’s victor will be. These days it’s almost impossible to tell someone you’re a wrestling fan without being asked: “You know it’s fake, right?” The constant reminder can get pretty annoying, especially since no matter how much you train, jumping off of 12 foot ladders never really feels too great on the back.

While the pain that wrestlers feel is from the ring, the ropes, or a shattered prop, occasionally they will actually inflict real pain on each other (most of the time, it’s an accident). Every now and again wrestling gets out of hand and can turn into a real bare knuckle brawl. Over the years there have been quite a few instances of wrestlers getting into full-on fist fights, and as a result, some competitors have gotten seriously hurt for real (if it only it had been McMahon).

So when has wrestling gone off script, and become an ultra violent blood sport that would MMA fighters wince? Here are the top 10 matches where the wrestling wasn’t fake, and neither was our excitement.