Surprise! 10 Disney Movies That Were Almost Completely Different


#10 – Up


What’s the best way to get rid of a villain? Muntz, the bad guy in Up, falls to his death when he trips over balloon lines. But, this almost didn’t happen. The writing team was actually stumped over creating a good ending for the movie’s geriatric villain and, as a result, wrote multiple endings.

Creatively blocked and drained of inspiration, the team ripped off an idea from The Shining and called it an “homage.” In an early script, Muntz was supposed to chase Kevin down a maze (sound familiar?) and become lost, leaving him to wander forever. Now, as much as everyone loves a classic movie reference, we can’t help but think that this psychologically inspired horror ending would have sent many kids to the child psychiatrist! Whew! We dodged a bullet on that one!