Surprise! 10 Disney Movies That Were Almost Completely Different


Imagine the world of Walt Disney where Elsa is evil, Simba is a snob and Cinderella is a villain. There is no music and the characters truly aren’t what they seem. Can you picture it?

Pitching a script to big-shot Hollywood producers is no easy task, especially among creative minds who make high demands. Let’s face it. Hollywood producers are notorious for their ridiculous suggestions and insane demands. Don’t believe us? Just look back at the giant robot spiders and Will Smith’s character in The Wild Wild West. This goes to show that, sometimes, producer suggestions really embody the good, the bad and the ugly.

Many Disney movies that we know and love would actually be completely different had the studio gone blindly with the original story pitch and ignored the demands and suggestions of producers. While this may not seem significant, this list of 10 Disney films will leave you thanking Disney producers for saving you, your childhood and your children from emotional scarring and trauma of these original, off-the-wall scary storylines.