16 of the Most Expensive Movies of all Time


Buttery popcorn and extra-large cokes, boxed candy and two hours of pure uninterrupted bliss will forever be considered magical thanks to the wonder of Hollywood’s silver screen. From relaxing with friends to date nights, movies create ways for us to bond with friends and family while sharing laughter and stories. In fact, good movies are not only enjoyable, they are quotable and memorable, forever transporting us into the movie itself as a brief getaway from reality.

The movie scene is incredible as A-list Hollywood stars are cast into the biggest blockbusters of the year, not to mention the outstanding talent of writers, directors and production crews who make the movie itself truly remarkable. This silver screen success, however, is also a huge gamble because so much is at stake from the right casting to the special effects. One poor choice and the movie could flop to new levels, forever embedded into movie critic reviews as the suckiest movie of the season!

Big gambles, however, often bring great reward! With movies today running well into the millions to create, producers take a huge leap of faith that moviegoers will support the latest releases on the silver screen. We found 16 movie favorites that are actually the most expensive movies of all time. Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy our list!