Shocking Natural Beauty: 15 Natural Phenomenon that are Weirder than Fiction


Have you ever seen a rainbow or a falling star? Have you ever looked at the Milky Way or studied the moon? Perhaps you’ve visited the Grand Canyon or been on an African safari. Whatever the case, nature is an exquisite canvas filled with remarkable and awe-inspiring phenomenon.

The world’s greatest masterpieces occur in nature, making for unspeakable displays of beauty and heart-wrenching tragedy that look like something straight from a science fiction movie. From something as beautiful as a thunderstorm to even the devastating effects of an earthquake, the acts of nature differ in magnitude or intensity but, nevertheless, forever affect the lives of nearby residents and witnesses.

Imagining a natural event is often left to one’s creativity but, on rare occasions, people get to witness some of the Earth’s most beautiful occurrences that are otherwise hard to fathom. Thanks to these moments, we bring you 15 exquisite wonders of the world that will inspire you and change your perspective of natural beauty.