Shocking! 16 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Were Proved True


#16 – The Dreyfus Affair

Alfred Dreyfus served for the French military as an artillery officer, until he was charged with treason in October of 1894, after information about new military technology was somehow acquired by the Germans; People were accusing Dreyfus of leaking the information from all sides, but many people believed that Dreyfus was actually innocent and was being used as a scapegoat because of his Jewish heritage. It turns out the suspicions were true, and Dreyfus was just an incredibly unlucky fall boy set up by the real traitor: Major Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy (whose name stands out immediately as a Bond villain).Dreyfus re-entered the military during World War I, although after being accused of being a traitor, I may have just told them to shove it.