11 Rare Photos From A Sunken Egyptian City

Earth is a very cruel place, and Mother Nature will do everything in her power to make sure people are never too comfortable living on our planet. This can even happen to entire cities: calamitous destruction that levels entire capitals, and empires overnight.

But there is one city that was sunk to the bottom of the ocean near Egypt that people never talk about: it’s not Atlantis, but it’s known as Thonis-Heracleion. The city was located on the northern coast of Egypt, and met an untimely end when the land it was built on crumbled and sank below the tides. Here are 11 rare photos from the lost city.

#11 – Tomb


Divers made some incredible discoveries in the lost city including this ancient altar from the Ptolemaic period. This one was not actually glowing itself, but had a lamp placed inside so the diver could read the inscription.

#10 – Magic Lamp


One of the treasures that was still in one piece despite a millenia beneath the ocean, was this lamp resembling the one from “Aladdin.” No genie came out of it, unfortunately.

#9 – Meeting Place


There were many intact statues that were found in Thonis, and one of the largest was this meeting of statues that were located near the middle of the wreckage. These statues are small compared to some of the others that were found.

#8 – Hapi


This statue was more than 17 feet tall, and weighed a ton; it was sculpted to represent the god Hapi, who was responsible for the annual Nile flooding. This was the first statue found of the god.

#7 – Queen


This statue was made from red granite and was found near the great temple in the city; the statue depicts a queen in the Ptolemaic area, and was more than 15 feet long and 8,000 pounds.

#6 – Fragmented


This diver was trying to figure out just how large one of the statues was to determine how to remove it. The legs found here were just one of the fragments of the largest statue found.

#5 – Sunken Ship


Statues and buildings weren’t the only things that made their way to the bottom of the ocean. Since it was a port town, there were plenty of boats that sank to their watery graves: far below the surface.

#4 – Heavy Headed


Red granite was a common material used to form statues in the lost city, and this is just the head of a massive statue recovered near the temple; the head alone was almost 20 feet long and depicted a pharaoh.

#3 – Temple of Doom


Located in the heart of Thonis was the great temple which housed many of the great statues that were recovered. The temple somehow still upholds its beauty after many years in the ocean; luckily for us a diver stopped for this absolutely breathtaking shot.

#2 – Face to Face


This small recreation of the Sphynx statue in Egypt was one of the treasures found near the temple. The original is obviously much larger, but it’s still a great find for the divers that discovered it.

#1 – Through the Buildings


The divers were treated to a great view of what an abandoned city looks like as they searched through the empty buildings to recover lost artifacts. This building was one of the many that remained in tact despite the drop.