This Priest’s Reaction to the Star Wars Trailer Will Fill You With Joy

A lot of us are excited for the newest Star Wars movie. Alright, let’s rephrase that, all of us are excited for the new Star Wars movie. The JJ Abrams directed film titled Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens comes out on December 18th of this year, and the two teaser trailers that have been put out so far have captured everybody’s attention.

One big Star Wars fan in particular, Father Roderick Vonhogen, is a huge fanatic. The priest has been watching the Star Wars films his entire life, and he’s pretty pumped about the prospects of the seventh movie. Father Roderick filmed himself recently watching the newest teaser trailer, and his reaction is pretty amazing.

Father Roderick was all smiles before the trailer even finished loading, and even the new music at the beginning was enough to get him going. He was quick to point out all of the details that were a callback to the original films. The father had so many questions, and comments at the same time.

“That’s Luke Skywalker! It must be!” got him excited the most: that is until he saw Han Solo and Chewbacca were making a return. The priest was almost left in tears by the end of the trailer, and you know that somebody is going to miss Christmas mass to be lined up for The Force Awakens. He watched the trailer a second time! Catch the video below from Roderick Vonhögen‘s YouTube channel: