Amazing Poodle’s Jaw-Dropping Reaction to Being Rescued

Seeing an abandoned dog is one of the saddest sights ever, and groups like Rescue From the Hart, and Hope For Paws are trying to put an end to it; the groups based out of Los Angeles received a call from a concerned citizen that an abandoned poodle in the south side of the city had just been struck by a car.

When they arrived at the scene the teams saw the poor dog lying by the road side alone and helpless; it appeared to be hurt and frightened, but didn’t react too poorly to being given attention. The poodle immediately warmed up, and even licked the face of one of the group’s representatives: it was obviously thankful for the care.

The poodle was taken to an animal hospital, and was given the name Layla on the way there. Layla received treatment for her injuries, which included serious internal damage that caused her to stay for more than two weeks; Layla was in a very fragile state, but she was visited every day by her foster family.

Each time that they showed up, Layla looked a little better; when she finally recovered from her injuries, Layla had the opportunity to move to her new forever home, where she is currently healthy and happy. Stories like this are sure to tug at your heart strings, especially when you see am abandoned dog with matted hair eventually become a happy and healthy member of a loving family. Watch the video below from Rescue From The Hart‘s YouTube channel to see Layla’s reaction to being rescued.