This New Kindergarten Design Will Revolutionize How We Raise Our Kids

2Kindergartners are tricky little humans: they’re too old to stay at home all day, but too young to be left to their own devices. The solution? Send them to school. These days kids are meant to stay in the same seat until it’s recess time, or maybe they get some creative hour within their schedule.

A school in Tokyo decided to go against the grain: their process doesn’t rely on making kids do stuff they don’t want to, but instead rely on the fact that kids will do whatever they want, whenever they want. Their classrooms don’t have any walls, and an open playground where kids can run around all day.


According to the principal “they don’t like it when children feel restricted,” and “If the boy in the corner doesn’t want to stay in the room then we let him go, and he’ll come back eventually because the circle comes back.”


Of course there’s some concern from parents regarding the safety of their children; the architect addressed this concern by mentioning that “kids need to sustain some injuries, that makes them learn how to live in this world.” Check out the featured video from TED‘s YouTube channel: