Mind Boggling: Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the History of the World

From where you left your car keys to finding a lost $20 bill in your pocket, thankfully these are a few of the biggest mysteries and surprises we will ever have to experience. This also means that most of us don’t lie awake at night trying to figure out the complex mysteries of the world. Instead, we spend our time staring at the ceiling by hashing out our plans for the weekend, fretting over a big meeting or even counting sheep.

But, do you ever wonder about the mysteries of the world outside of your own life? Between missing people, murders and possible alien life forms, the world is full of big question mark mysteries that have gone unsolved. So which ones stand out from the rest as being the biggest and most perplexing head scratching mysteries?

Ask no further because we found 10 unsolved mysteries in the history of the world that will truly boggle your mind. From mysteries that date centuries back to more modern puzzles, these shocking unsolved mysteries will leave you questioning what happened and why? Are you ready? Let’s start our list with one of America’s most beloved pilots and travel around the world for these incredible unsolved mysteries.

#10 – Amelia Earhart

Known as the pioneer for women in aviation, Amelia Earhart was always a bit different than the rest when it came to her dreams and ambitions. Born in 1897, Earhart became fascinated with airplanes as travel by air gained popularity toward the beginning of the 20th century. With her sights set on a career in aviation, no one was surprised when Earhart leapt at the chance to become the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in a solo flight.

Funded by Purdue university’s aviation department in 1937, Earhart’s epic journey began with a single hope: to circumnavigate the entire globe. With the sky literally as the limit, the journey was much anticipated and widely covered as Earhart sought to make history. Tragedy soon struck, however, as the pilot and her plane went missing over the Pacific Ocean. With little in sight other than the nearby Howland Island, Earhart and her plane were forever lost, making this pioneer’s death one of the most tragic unsolved mysteries in world history.

#9 – Mary Celeste

If not by land, then by sea! The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship that was once used throughout both the United Kingdom and the United States during the 1800s. The Celeste was discovered in December 1872 abandoned and floating off of the coast of the Azores Islands, near Portugal, after a trip from New York City to Genoa went awry.

Historians first believed that perhaps a problem on board had caused everyone to abandon ship but, upon further study, the Celeste was worthy of sea travel even at the time of discovery. With only one lifeboat missing and a log entry from 10 days prior to discovery, the ship was stocked with plenty of food and other supplies. None of the ship’s crew members or passengers were ever found or heard from again but, clearly made it safely off of the ship in a lifeboat in what only seems like history’s version of “Gilligan’s Island”.

#8 – The Wow! Signal

Jerry R. Ehman was in the midst of working on the SETI project at Ohio Wesleyan University’s Observatory on August 15, 1977 when he discovered a signal that was coming from a perceived origin that wasn’t in our solar system. Ehman heard the signal for a record of 72 seconds but, the signal itself has never been heard again. Shocked at his discovery, Ehman circled the log entry on the signal and wrote the word “Wow!” next to it, thus earning the signal’s name.

As with any unexplained phenomenon, there has been widespread speculation over the Wow! Signal’s origin. Some believe that it is a sweeping signal that is lightyears away and will make a random comeback again. Ehman himself, however, said he doesn’t believe that the signal is from an extraterrestrial. Instead, he believes that it might have been a sound reflected from Earth and bounced off of space debris a long time ago. Needless to say, the source has yet to be found to explain this eerie Wow! Signal from space!

#7 – Bermuda Triangle

The most mysterious part of the world hardly contains any land and is known as the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Stretching from South Florida to Puerto Rico and northeast to Bermuda, many ships and airplanes have disappeared while traversing this vast expanse but, the United States Navy refuses to recognize anything out of the ordinary about this area. So, what’s the big deal?

The Triangle started to gain more attention in the 1950s when Edward Van Winkle Jones published an article about the mysterious waters. As several vessels in the region went missing, more and more people started to take note, often claiming the area was haunted by supernatural or extraterrestrial activity. While we’re almost positive that an ET isn’t to blame, the hotbed of storm activity and perpetual disappearing acts make this mystery clearly an impossible one to solve!

#6 – D.B. Cooper

Either the greatest con-man alive or dead, the mystery of D.B. Cooper continues to haunt police even today. Though his real name remains a mystery, much like his whereabouts, Cooper was given the nickname after using the alias of Dan Cooper aboard a flight between Portland, Oregon and Seattle Washington in November 1971. Cooper wasn’t just a regular passenger, however, as he extorted authorities on the ground into giving him $200,000 and access to the plane.

After receiving a briefcase that was believed to be filled with $200,000 in cash, Cooper released the other passengers on the flight and hopped out of the plane by parachute over the Pacific Northwest never to be seen again. While there have been clues after some of the bills in the briefcase were found, authorities have never uncovered Cooper’s true fate, identity, whereabouts or whether or not he ever made it to the ground alive.

#5 – Nazca Lines

Named after their location in the Nazca Desert of Peru, people continue to wonder in amazement about the origin of the Nazca Lines that take up the majority of the plateau. Spanning an astonishing 50 miles, the lines appear to take a variety of shapes that include animals like monkeys, lizards and fish among others. Some experts even believe that the lines were put there by the people of Nazca between the years of 500 BC and 500 AD.

The only thing that people truly know about the lines is that they are not very deep as they were made by removing pebbles to reveal the darker ground underneath. Dozens of these identifiable shapes have been found over the years, leading some historians to believe that there is a religious connection to the shapes. Needless to say, the Nazca culture and region itself has been studied extensively but the true meaning behind the lines remains a complete mystery.

#4 – Oak Island

Located on the southern shore of Nova Scotia in Canada, the privately owned Oak Island is one of hundreds in the region on the Mahone Bay. Despite having little other than trees, the island itself remains a mystery after having earned itself the nickname as “The Money Pit”. Rumored as the home to some of the Earth’s greatest artifacts, treasure seekers have traveled the world to search the island’s 140 acres for treasure.

With over 200 years of digging, Oak Island’s supposed treasure hole measures a massive 100 feet in depth, which has led numerous excavation attempts to collapse as well as ongoing flooding. Regardless of the danger and loss, treasure seekers still flock to the island to seek out treasure in what some refer to as a “natural wonder” while others call it a “sinkhole”. As if the proposed treasure isn’t outrageous enough, some even believe that the hole is home to a Viking ship that has yet to be discovered.

#3 – Kryptos

Considered one of the most modern mysteries to ever grab the world’s attention, Kryptos was dedicated in 1990 by artist Jim Sanborn and sits outside of the CIA building in Langley, Virginia. Sanborn included four distinct messages in his artistic piece, three of which have been solved. The fourth, however, remains a mystery despite ongoing attempts by people both near and far.

With the first message taking nine years to decipher, it’s no surprise that the final message has perplexed the world. Sanborn has even given clues by saying that the letters NYPVTT on Kyrptos spell out “BERLIN” after they are deciphered. When that clue proved unhelpful, Sanborn released another clue in 2014 stating that the letters MZFPK spelled out “CLOCK” and that “You’d better delve into that particular clock. There are several really interesting clocks in Berlin.” Don’t worry, people continue to scratch their heads in complete and utter confusion.

#2 – Beale Ciphers

Another great American code that has yet to be solved is known as the Beale Ciphers, which are a series of three ciphers that are supposed to tell of a treasure that is worth more than $60 million in gold and other precious metals. The first of the ciphers reveals the location of the treasure and the second reveals what the treasure actually is. The third cipher reveals the names of the people who own the treasure and who would possible get to inherit it. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Written by Thomas J. Beale, who released the ciphers in a pamphlet in 1885 in Virginia, many believe that the ciphers were a hoax to get people on a wild goose chase. Since the first and third ciphers remain unsolved, others presume that they are impossible to crack and that the second was only meant to get people excited about the supposed treasure. Either way, it’s obvious that Beale knew that treasure would definitely get the world’s attention!

#1 – Taman Shud Case

In an eerie case of an unknown missing person, the body of a John Doe was discovered on December 1, 1948 on the shores of Somerton Beach in Southern Australia. The body, even after 66 years since its discovery, remains unclaimed and unknown. So was this man ever really missing?

Found with only a single clue, the man had a single piece of paper in his pocket, which was taken from a book titled The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and read “tamam shud”, which is Persian for “finished”. Since he was in top physical condition and appeared to have died from an unknown poison, Australian authorities have kept the case open with the hopes of finding additional leads to solve one of the most bizarre missing or un-missing person’s case in the world.