Mind Boggling: Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the History of the World


From where you left your car keys to finding a lost $20 bill in your pocket, thankfully these are a few of the biggest mysteries and surprises we will ever have to experience. This also means that most of us don’t lie awake at night trying to figure out the complex mysteries of the world. Instead, we spend our time staring at the ceiling by hashing out our plans for the weekend, fretting over a big meeting or even counting sheep.

But, do you ever wonder about the mysteries of the world outside of your own life? Between missing people, murders and possible alien life forms, the world is full of big question mark mysteries that have gone unsolved. So which ones stand out from the rest as being the biggest and most perplexing head scratching mysteries?

Ask no further because we found 10 unsolved mysteries in the history of the world that will truly boggle your mind. From mysteries that date centuries back to more modern puzzles, these shocking unsolved mysteries will leave you questioning what happened and why? Are you ready? Let’s start our list with one of America’s most beloved pilots and travel around the world for these incredible unsolved mysteries.