10 of the Most Dangerous Sports in the World


Who doesn’t love an epic adventure complete with an adrenaline rush? From touchdowns and scoring goals to scaling the tallest mountain in the world, some people have a real need to challenge themselves both physically and mentally to prove their endurance and ability. Others, simply love to compete.

Whatever the reason, some athletes are at a greater danger than others simply because of the nature of their sport. As reports of sports injuries grow to new heights, athletes of any skill level face the reality of life threatening injuries and death. But, even despite the statistics, their dedication to their sport outweighs any risk of harm.

Which sports, then, are the most dangerous for athletes and enthusiasts? We found 10 of the most dangerous sports in the world, some of which you’ve heard of and some of which will be new! So which sports made the list and why? Let’s get started, but remember, don’t try any of these at home!