Sneaky Horse Shocks Dumbfounded Owners When He Sets His Pals Free

Who are the greatest magicians of all time? Usually you think of people like Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, David Blaine, or Penn and Teller. You don’t often think of horses when it comes to pulling off great magic tricks. Maybe you should think again!

One horse in Michigan on the Misty Meadows Farms might just be the next great escape artist. Meet Mariska, a black horse who just doesn’t want to be in her stable anymore, and doesn’t want to see her friends locked up either. Mariska starts her great escape by unlocking the gate on the stable with her teeth; from there she walks down the line, and lets all of her friends out the same way so they can run around free in the pasture.

As you can imagine, Mariska’s little escape act is a little cumbersome for the owners of the farm. Mariska doesn’t seem to care, and she keeps getting out of whichever stable they decide to put her in: she even opens up the freezer in her stall so she can get a little treat! It’s an amazing ability for a horse unless you’re the one that has to keep putting her back. It’s a constant battle, and one that you are likely to lose each time.

There’s no place that can contain Mariska, and as time goes on it seems she was just meant to run free. Here is the video from MistySandy‘s YouTube channel of Mariska opening just about every door that she can get her hands….or teeth onto. It’s very mischievous but very entertaining.

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