Fortune and Fame: The Makings of the Top 14 Celebrity Douchebags

There is no such thing as bad publicity, or is there? From magazine covers to the paparazzi flash, Hollywood is known for its long list of celebrities and wannabes seeking to gain fortune and fame from their looks and talent, all featured on the latest magazine covers or gossip column. With diva demands and outrageously jaw-dropping actions, fans are used to having love-hate relationships with Hollywood’s hottest.

But, despite all of their obnoxious behavior and bad attitudes, we can’t help but want more of these celebrities, waiting impatiently for the next bratty word of ungratefulness out of their plump Botox mouths. In fact, we shake our heads in disgust as we look for more juicy gossip on their lives. (Ok, we admit it: it’s definitely a guilty pleasure!) Well, if you’re short on gossip, we have put together a list of the top 14 celebrity douchebags who we are sure you’ll agree deserves the top spot! Sit back, relax and get ready to roll your eyes at some of Hollywood’s most obnoxious offenders!

#14 – Kourtney Kardashian

1. Kourtney Kardashian

The eldest of the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney has definitely earned her rank on this list based on her own actions and those of her equally douchebag partner, Scott Disick. As is custom in Hollywood, the controversial couple is known for their insane on-again and off-again relationship with widespread gossip about Kourtney. Fans love to hate the Kardashian family, especially Kourtney when it comes to her choices and how she and the rest of her family treat Scott. Despite her craziness, we can’t help but admit that she is headstrong when it comes to parenting her children, perhaps a trait she learned from her mom, Kris (no, we didn’t mean Bruce!)

#13 – Lindsay Lohan

2. Lindsay Lohan

In The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan was the cute freckle-faced redhead that we all grew to love. As she grew into teenybopper roles, Lohan continued to maintain her lovable, quirky redhead image that made her seem like a great role model for youngsters and teens. Then, Lohan grew up and left everyone wondering, “What the heck just happened?” Amid a fair share of controversy, Lohan was arrested twice and completed several stints in rehab, making her the least desired role model for any child, teen or even adult. Despite her loss in the positive limelight, today, Lohan is doing her best to turn her life around and start fresh.

#12 – Charlie Sheen

3. Charlie Sheen

Guess who’s winning? Who doesn’t remember Charlie Sheen’s infamous melt down that ultimately cost him his career and public sanity? At first, the world was puzzled by Sheen’s outrageous outbursts and insane behavior, but through his endless tweets amid a social media meltdown, the world grew accustomed to Sheen’s epic fall from sanity. Many questions were ultimately answered during an interview when Sheen revealed that his highly publicized meltdown was caused by his drug usage. Whatever the reason, there’s no undoing the public damage that has permanently sealed his fate on the douchebag list.

#11 – Tom Cruise

4. Tom Cruise

The unofficial and self-proclaimed face of Scientology, Tom Cruise has lately become more famous for his beliefs than his acting. Cruise showed the world his real eccentric behavior during the infamous couch-jumping incident on Oprah as he professed his love for then-girlfriend, now ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Since his high jumping incident, Cruise has split from Holmes only to establish himself further on the douchebag list. Despite being named one of the most beautiful and powerful celebrities in the industry, Cruise probably isn’t going anywhere but up on this list.

#10 – Paris Hilton

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 15:  TV personality Paris Hilton attends her birthday party at Greystone Manor Supperclub on February 15, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

A celebrity we love to hate, heiress and socialite Paris Hilton is one celebrity who lacks both talent and common sense. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a walk down memory lane to when Hilton starred in The Simple Life with Nicole Ritchie, only to become a laughingstock of Hollywood fame and fortune. A true female douchebag, Hilton will do whatever it takes to get attention. With a hard-partying lifestyle, endless wealth and short-lived relationships, Hilton is not only deserving of our list but is certain to be a resident feature on page six of any tabloid magazine.

#9 – Mel Gibson

6. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s fall from grace was a tragic event that led the lovable and adorable troublemaker into the bottomless pit of desire for many. Despite widespread success in movies like What Women Want where Gibson embodied the manly man and sought after boyfriend, he quickly was labeled a crazed chauvinist after phone recordings were leaked. Recordings are often leaked to the press but, when they featured an angry Gibson repeatedly using the N-word, eyebrows were raised, causing him to lose his job, his career and much of his fan base.

#8 – Kim Kardashian

 Kim Kardashian

Considerably the most famous of all of the Kardashian sisters, Kim rose to fame when an infamous video leaked online, launching her into immediate stardom. While many might be embarrassed by such footage being leaked, Kardashian did not waste any time in ensuring her place in the spotlight as a megastar media personality with the help of her “momager”, Kris. As if her stardom wasn’t big enough, Kim married Kanye West, becoming the ideal other half of a true douchebag couple. It seems there’s truth in the saying that “birds of a douchebag feather, flock together.”

#7 – Russell Brand

8. Russell Brand

English comedian Russel Brand is known for being controversial and offending audiences, peers, strangers and even family and friends. During an insensitive speech made after receiving a recent award, Brand sealed his fate on the list of douchebags. While many say his sarcasm and biting humor are the effects of being ADHD, bipolar and bulimic, we can’t help but think that Brand knows the power of words; otherwise, he would use his humor for better causes than to purposefully harm.

#6 – James Franco

9. James Franco

Despite his sex appeal and talent, James Franco’s sarcasm and controversial statements in what seems to be every single interview has earned him the ire of the general public. On screen, Franco rocks the house with impeccable talent and charisma but, off stage and in front of the press, he blunders through common social interaction. Whether socially awkward or just plain rude, Franco’s inappropriate comments prove that he’s just another obnoxious Hollywood douchebag.

#5 – Donald Trump

11. Donald Trump

“You’re fired!” is a phrase often heard barked angrily from the mouth of Donald Trump on the set of The Apprentice. While Trump may be rich and successful, he obviously missed the lesson on charm and eloquence as everything he says tends to leave a bitter taste on the tongue. In a recent controversial statement, Trump attacked Mexicans, earning him the wrath of the Latino community. It’s undeniable that Trump’s loud mouth mannerisms earned him a top spot on this list but, whatever people think, Trump brings great power and influence. In fact, we’re certain he probably has his own opinion about this list!

#4 – Nicki Minaj

12. Nicki Minaj

Whether Nicki Minaj’s sudden rise to fame was from her sharp tongue, her talent or a personal war against Mariah is up for debate. Because of the talent war with Mariah, fans were divided into separate camps: camp Mariah, camp Nicki, and camp “I don’t care.” Regardless, we tend to believe Nicki’s brat-like ways especially with the ongoing reports of how she treats her crew backstage. From her sharp tongue to being a downright bully, the self-absorbed Minaj is forever on our list but, unfortunately is too busy thinking of herself to even notice.

#3 – Chris Brown

13. Chris Brown

Chris Brown is an obvious inclusion on this list especially after everything he has said and done, some of which has landed him in court. From physical abuse to verbal assault, Brown has consistently been in the middle of controversy, forever keeping him in the spotlight. One of the douchebags of all douchebags, Brown’s neighbors even hate him but, not even this has inspired him to change his ways. Perhaps he could learn a lesson from Lohan to straighten up and fly right.

#2 – Kanye West

The true King of Douchebags, Kanye West could easily make up all 14 spots on the list. With his egomaniac ways and delusions of grandeur to his crazy comments and obnoxious behavior, West will forever carry the douchebag title. Proclaiming his greatness, West suffers from a God-like complex and believes that the entire world revolves around him. From picking out his wife’s clothes to managing her fame, this true-blue douchebag is arrogant, obnoxious and self-absorbed and, unfortunately found a forever cheerleader for the “World of Kanye” in marrying his wife, Kim.

#1 – Justin Bieber

15. Justin Bieber

With Kanye West holding the title as King of Douchebags, Justin Bieber may very well be the Prince. Despite early stardom and celebrity status thanks to all the tween Beliebers, many believe that Justin is closely following in the footsteps of Kanye. Deemed a “wannabe musician”, Bieber’s so-called talent is overshadowed by his brat-like attitude. A true diva to the core, Bieber makes ridiculous backstage demands and throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. You’re welcome, Justin, for giving you an award you truly deserve, Prince of Douchebags!