Fail Patrol: 28 Photos of Builders That Completely Botched the Job


Have you ever built a tower of Legos? A treehouse? Have you ever put a bicycle together? Building something from the ground up is incredibly difficult whether it is a piece of furniture, a bicycle or a home. Following instructions are often not enough as it takes real ingenuity to understand how everything should fit together. Think back to your Lego tower or treehouse, bicycle or something else. Was your project sturdy and functional? Did you have any missing parts?

It’s no wonder, then, why structures like the Egyptian Pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower are considered architectural wonders. Aside from their beauty, these masterpieces defy the odds of construction by making it look effortless and easy.

But, despite such beautiful wonders, construction doesn’t always go as planned. As engineers design and contractors build, mistakes happen that usually result in pointed fingers and widespread blame. Most of the time, it’s a missed detail that can easily be fixed but, sometimes, it’s a huge error that drastically effects the project.

Whenever a critical mistake happens, hilariously bad results can occur, although no one laughs when it happens! What, then, are the biggest construction screw ups of all time? Here are the top 28 botched construction jobs that have left builders constructing new resumes for their unavoidable job hunt!