Desktop Rockets Can Be Launched With Matches

When you do enough random things with your free time, and wind up inventing things such as matchbox rockets: you earn the nickname of “The King of Random.” That’s what happened with Grant Thompson, the YouTube sensation that has come up with countless household inventions, with quite possibly the best being the matchbox rocket kit.

All you need to make your own rockets that can launch up to 40 feet is a matchbox and some aluminum foil; that sounds too easy, right? It really is that simple, and it only takes a couple of minutes to make your own rocket. A few matches set aside in a box, a few matches with the heads cut off into a bottle cap, and you have a perfect working rocket ready for takeoff!

You won’t want to do this inside where there are carpets, because it can certainly leave small scorches; it can also burn your finger, so make sure to be careful. Launching this rocket can be a bit hard to do outside since the wind can pick up the flame on the candle and disrupt the launch, but at least there isn’t as much stuff to break. If you are under the age of 18 please make sure to get your parents’ permission before building an explosive; they probably wouldn’t like it too much if you left a bunch of burn marks on their floor. Make sure to check the video below to get the full step by step instructions.