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24 hours a day…14,440 minutes…86,400 seconds…There’s only so much time in a day! With every minute—every second—counting toward productivity, it’s no wonder why life hacks have become increasingly popular among people who are looking to make life easier and get things done faster. So, what exactly is a life hack? First coined over a decade ago in the IT world and now a part of everyday conversation, a life hack is defined as a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

From cooking and cleaning to charging your phone and giving first aid, life hacks can be used in just about every walk of life. Typically shared on social media outlets, self-help channels and websites around the world, you’ve probably seen the more common hacks such as using old socks as dust rags or using muffin tins to serve condiments at a summer picnic. Yet, we imagine there are quite a few others you might have missed!

Whether it’s “trash talking” garbage tips, slicing vegetables, dieting or painting tricks, join us at life hack central where we’re here to simplify your life with 30 genius life hacks you need to know about right now. Don’t worry, there’s no need to thank us. We’re just happy to help!

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Whether it’s fat free or low calorie, throw the diet food in the trash because it’s time to chow down! While many of us try to watch what we eat to avoid gaining those unwanted pounds, there are some meals where it’s nice to indulge even if it’s not the healthiest thing on the menu. From supersized meals and cheesy appetizers to fried foods and gallons of ice cream, sometimes food just tastes good.

Food challenges and competitive eaters take this kind of indulgence to the next level. While you think ordering a six-ounce steak is big news, think again as food challenges center around the theme: bigger is better. In fact, that six-ounce steak looks more like a bit sized snack when it comes to some of the top food challenges around the world.

If you’ve ever seen “Man vs. Food”, you’ve probably heard of food challenges that border on delicious and daunting to incredibly insane. Of course, with so many appearing on the show, we’re fairly certain that there are dozens of others you’ve never heard of, which inspired our list! Between seafood and steaks to desserts and everything in between, we found 25 of the craziest eating challenges around the world that are sure to leave you hungry for more! Grab your fork and pass the potatoes as we get set to dive in!

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From where you left your car keys to finding a lost $20 bill in your pocket, thankfully these are a few of the biggest mysteries and surprises we will ever have to experience. This also means that most of us don’t lie awake at night trying to figure out the complex mysteries of the world. Instead, we spend our time staring at the ceiling by hashing out our plans for the weekend, fretting over a big meeting or even counting sheep.

But, do you ever wonder about the mysteries of the world outside of your own life? Between missing people, murders and possible alien life forms, the world is full of big question mark mysteries that have gone unsolved. So which ones stand out from the rest as being the biggest and most perplexing head scratching mysteries?

Ask no further because we found 10 unsolved mysteries in the history of the world that will truly boggle your mind. From mysteries that date centuries back to more modern puzzles, these shocking unsolved mysteries will leave you questioning what happened and why? Are you ready? Let’s start our list with one of America’s most beloved pilots and travel around the world for these incredible unsolved mysteries.

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Who doesn’t love an epic adventure complete with an adrenaline rush? From touchdowns and scoring goals to scaling the tallest mountain in the world, some people have a real need to challenge themselves both physically and mentally to prove their endurance and ability. Others, simply love to compete.

Whatever the reason, some athletes are at a greater danger than others simply because of the nature of their sport. As reports of sports injuries grow to new heights, athletes of any skill level face the reality of life threatening injuries and death. But, even despite the statistics, their dedication to their sport outweighs any risk of harm.

Which sports, then, are the most dangerous for athletes and enthusiasts? We found 10 of the most dangerous sports in the world, some of which you’ve heard of and some of which will be new! So which sports made the list and why? Let’s get started, but remember, don’t try any of these at home!

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Tail chasing, mailman barking, fetch playing and four-legged furry snuggles are only a few reasons why dogs are truly man’s best friend. As so many welcome dogs into the family, an astonishing 3.9 million other dogs live in shelters each year. Some are abandoned while others are lost – all of whom need a home (or to return to a home) filled with love and care.

While we wish that every lost dog could be reunited with their owners, sometimes happy endings just don’t happen, especially when the dog has been missing for more than a couple of days. But, despite this reality, many owners refuse to give up hope that their dogs will come running around the corner, forever barking their way back into their lives once again. After all, miracles do happen.

Don’t believe us? Grab some tissue because we found 6 dog owner reunion stories that will spark your faith and bring you to tears! Are you ready? Let’s take a look at these heart-warming stories where owners and their dogs have been reunited after months and, even years, of searching!

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The good thing about technological advances over the past century or so is the fact that history will be very easy for future generations to uncover the history that we are presently making. Before the rise of technology, though, there are a lot of mysteries that we have yet to solve. A lot of the clues are there, but the final answers are still up in the air.

We keep discovering ancient artifacts that baffle us, not lending much evidence as to where they came from. The mysteries that can’t be solved right away by scientists have been left as mysteries, while some people like to think that there used to be a lot of aliens around in ancient times, but that probably isn’t the case.

So what discoveries from the past are the most mysterious? These are the findings that have baffled scientists, archaeologists, historians and the general public and may unlock the secrets of our past. Here are the 10 most seemingly impossible ancient discoveries that will make you question everything.

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I don’t know about you, but when I get ill I usually like to moan about it a lot; but maybe we should all thank our lucky stars that most of us only come down with the occasional cold, because there are much worse options out there. Look at some of the symptoms of the diseases listed here and they read like unbelievable horror stories. Worms living inside you, your skin turning into bark, uncontrollable hair growth; all of a sudden a blocked nose and a cough doesn’t sounds too bad does it? It’s scary to think how fragile the body can be, although most of these diseases are very rare so you don’t need to concern yourself too much.

As you read this list of weird, freaky diseases, spare a thought for those suffering with them and be thankful that the majority of ailments you’ll ever have can be cured with some antibiotics and bed rest.

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Have you ever built a tower of Legos? A treehouse? Have you ever put a bicycle together? Building something from the ground up is incredibly difficult whether it is a piece of furniture, a bicycle or a home. Following instructions are often not enough as it takes real ingenuity to understand how everything should fit together. Think back to your Lego tower or treehouse, bicycle or something else. Was your project sturdy and functional? Did you have any missing parts?

It’s no wonder, then, why structures like the Egyptian Pyramids, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Eiffel Tower are considered architectural wonders. Aside from their beauty, these masterpieces defy the odds of construction by making it look effortless and easy.

But, despite such beautiful wonders, construction doesn’t always go as planned. As engineers design and contractors build, mistakes happen that usually result in pointed fingers and widespread blame. Most of the time, it’s a missed detail that can easily be fixed but, sometimes, it’s a huge error that drastically effects the project.

Whenever a critical mistake happens, hilariously bad results can occur, although no one laughs when it happens! What, then, are the biggest construction screw ups of all time? Here are the top 28 botched construction jobs that have left builders constructing new resumes for their unavoidable job hunt!

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Cartoons and The Discovery Channel are quick to remind us that certain types of animals simply don’t like each other: cats and dogs, cats and birds, cats and mice, pretty much cats and every other animal species in the world. Unless you’re Snow White, it can be hard to bring animals together and make them play nice, let alone become lifelong friends.

Every now and again there are times when animals forget that they aren’t supposed to like other species, and they put aside their differences to be absolutely adorable; if there’s anything cuter than a dog sleeping on top of a bigger dog, it’s a dog that’s sleeping on a deer. Now that we live in a digital age, adorable cross-species animal moments can be caught on film and shared worldwide: so everyone can enjoy the rare sight.

Are you ready to see some cute animals palling around with their natural predators? Good, because we have 18 of them that will challenge everything you thought you knew about the animal kingdom! Here are the top 18 most unlikely animal friendships that have been caught on camera.

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In a world of selfies and duck faces, pouty lips and group photos, photography is simply part of our daily lives thanks to smart phones and modern technology. But, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, the oldest photograph ever recorded dates back to 1840 by Joseph Draper of New York City and was not, by any means, a duck-faced selfie. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t until the 1950s with the advancement of technology that photography even became popular.

Think for a moment and consider the entire world of events that took place between the 1840s and 1950s: The Civil War, World War I and II, and the Great Depression, for example. These events are widely remembered but were seldom photographed, making the few and extremely rare black and white images of the era some of the most iconic photographs of all time.

But, what if these black and white photos were transformed into exquisitely colorful masterpieces? Take a look at these 18 iconic images that have been revitalized to resemble the true historic events as seen through the eyes of the storied photographers who captured their breathtaking beauty.

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Among every age group you and old alike, professional wrestling has always been the most popular faux sport in the world. While the outcomes in professional wrestling may be predetermined, there is still a lot of athleticism involved in the aerial maneuvers and various moves that are performed. While the competitors in wrestling are meant to simulate receiving injuries from their opponents, many of the on-screen injuries are more real than fantasy; these injuries can take years off of an athlete’s life span, and due to this (and other reasons), there have been many pro wrestlers that have unfortunately met their death at a young age.

Steroids have played a major role in some of these premature deaths, but in order to maintain their image, and receive a sizable pay check, these athletes will go to any lengths to stay relevant. It’s no shock that steroids come with a long list of health problems, but until recently they weren’t banned in professional wrestling. But which wrestling superstar’s sudden deaths shocked us the most? Here are the top 16 young wrestlers, who suddenly passed away and left us shocked and mourning. All of these performers unfortunately passed away before the age of 50, and the list does not include Chris Benoit: who took his own life after murdering his wife and son.

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There are a ton of actors, authors, and singers, out there that choose not to use their real names; some do it out of embarrassment of not having a strong publishing name, while others wish to stay anonymous for their publications. Most of the time, Celebrities wishing to be known under a “star name” will simply keep their first or last name, and make up the other one. The two most common professions for celebrities to change into an onstage persona which is almost unrecognizable, is professional wrestling, and hip hop rapping.

There aren’t too many rappers these days that are known by their real name, and some would argue that the name doesn’t even matter since it’s really all about the music. But regardless of what kind of music you create, you want to give yourself a cool and catchy name for people to remember you. While the origins of some of the biggest rap names a have been discovered, a lot of them are still shrouded in mystery.

But which rappers have the weirdest names in their day to day life? Here are the top 16 rappers that have hilarious real names, but judging by their lyrical content you probably don’t want to risk using them.