Mamma Cat Nurses Abandoned Orphan Puppy Back To Health

If it saddens you to see a puppy without a home then you aren’t the only one who feels that way, and it’s such a gut wrenching feeling that even cats are compelled to help. That’s what happened in Cleveland when one cat adopted a puppy as her own just days after the puppy was born. The puppy’s name is Norland, and he is a Pit Bull that was abandoned shortly after birth; were it not for this cat, then Norland would have no chance of survival. What the shelter did next was an experiment that ended as a success for everyone: a cat named Merlene gave birth to a litter of kittens, and took Norland in. Norland was treated like another kitten, and Merlene even started to act motherly toward the adopted puppy; Marlene would clean, and cuddle Norland to keep him safe. Norland seems to have no idea that he will grow up to be much larger than his feline brothers and sisters in the shelter; it’s adorable to think about how one animal can get picked up, and blend in right away. Merlene even started to get concerned when members of the shelter began bottle feeding Norland, as she felt it was her job to keep the puppy fed. It will be interesting to see how the grown up Norland acts, but we’re expecting some cat like tendencies to stay, coupled with an incredible knack for climbing. Check out the story below from Annette Lawless‘ YouTube channel.

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