Brave Puppy Rescued from Los Angeles River

Hope For Paws has helped a lot of abandoned dogs over the years, but perhaps this one has the saddest background story; one concerned witness called the organization after they witnessed something truly terrible: a dog had been beaten, and thrown nearly 30 feet down into a canal in the Los Angeles River.

The dog was sitting hopeless and shaking at the bottom of the river, and the group had to take a ladder down into the canal to approach it; it had made its new home on an empty bag of chips, and started to cry when people started to pet and care for him. It’s pretty obvious why the puppy had some concerns with people: as it was apparent that someone had cut off his foot.

The dog was lifted up out of the canal and taken immediately to the hospital; on the way there, Hope For Paws gave the poor pooch the name Jordan, and doctors said that the fact he was still alive was nothing short of miraculous; Jordan was diagnosed with mange, bacterial infections, and was severely malnourished.

Jordan made it through the night, and continued to receive treatment at the animal hospital until being taken into surgery on his fourth day there. Just a week later, Jordan was finally well enough to be taken in by a foster family. The family already had a couple of dogs from previous rescues, and they all instantly got along. Jordan is now fully recovered from his injuries, and the three legged wonder dog has never been happier.

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