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  • 30 Genius Life Hacks You Need to Know About

    24 hours a day…14,440 minutes…86,400 seconds…There’s only so much time in a day! With every minute—every second—counting toward productivity, it’s no wonder why life hacks have become increasingly popular among people who are looking to make life easier and get things done faster. So, what exactly is a life hack? First coined over a decade […]

  • Human Barbie Takes Off Her Makeup

    “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…” The toy industry was completely changed on March 9, 1959 when Ruth Handler and the Mattel toy company introduced the first Barbie doll. Since then, Barbie has become an icon in both the world of dolls and fashion as almost every little girl in the United States […]

  • Tear-Jerking: Father and Son Pose for the Same Photo Every Year for 29 Years

    The bond between a father and son is one that can never be broken, no matter how hard it seems like some of us try sometimes. In the case of one father from China, he wanted to document how his son was growing up before his very eyes by taking a nearly identical photo each […]

  • Top 25 “If You Can Finish It It’s Free” Food Challenges in the World

    Whether it’s fat free or low calorie, throw the diet food in the trash because it’s time to chow down! While many of us try to watch what we eat to avoid gaining those unwanted pounds, there are some meals where it’s nice to indulge even if it’s not the healthiest thing on the menu. […]

  • Top 10 Most Insane Moments Ever Caught on Live TV

    Where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated? Do you remember when Martin Luther King was killed? Where were you on September 11, 2001? These are the moments of history that the world will never and should never forget, many of which have been captured forever through the lens of a television camera. Despite ongoing […]

  • Mind Boggling: Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in the History of the World

    From where you left your car keys to finding a lost $20 bill in your pocket, thankfully these are a few of the biggest mysteries and surprises we will ever have to experience. This also means that most of us don’t lie awake at night trying to figure out the complex mysteries of the world. […]

  • Top 20 Smartest US Presidents Based on School Grades

    “O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light…” From emperors to kings and queens, there is none more important to Americans than the President of the United States. With patriotism to the red, white and blue and the promise of continual freedom, Americans gather together to elect the newest leader of the free […]

  • 10 of the Most Dangerous Sports in the World

    Who doesn’t love an epic adventure complete with an adrenaline rush? From touchdowns and scoring goals to scaling the tallest mountain in the world, some people have a real need to challenge themselves both physically and mentally to prove their endurance and ability. Others, simply love to compete. Whatever the reason, some athletes are at […]

  • Top 10 Shocking Leaked Game of Thrones Season 6 Spoilers

    The sixth season of Game of Thrones is right around the corner, and people are more excited than ever to find out exactly what lies in store for the show’s last seasons. After so many cliffhangers and memorable deaths in the show’s closing episodes, there is finally an opportunity for us all to get some […]

  • 6 Dog Owner Reunion Stories That Will Bring You to Tears

    Tail chasing, mailman barking, fetch playing and four-legged furry snuggles are only a few reasons why dogs are truly man’s best friend. As so many welcome dogs into the family, an astonishing 3.9 million other dogs live in shelters each year. Some are abandoned while others are lost – all of whom need a home […]

  • Top 10 Selfies in the History of the World

    No matter who you are, no matter how old you are and no matter how cool you think you are, you have taken a selfie. You can try and pretend like you have never snapped one, but we all know you have, don’t deny it. For the most part, we usually just take selfies with […]

  • 10 Seemingly Impossible Ancient Discoveries That Will Make You Question Everything

    The good thing about technological advances over the past century or so is the fact that history will be very easy for future generations to uncover the history that we are presently making. Before the rise of technology, though, there are a lot of mysteries that we have yet to solve. A lot of the […]