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As high school graduation draws closer for seniors, they are often warned to say goodbye to their friends as their lives transition into college and adulthood. In fact, many people claim that high school is the final goodbye of best friends as attending different colleges, meeting new people and finding new interests often separate even the closest of friends.

Thankfully, however, that’s not always the case. Some of us are lucky enough to still have and hang out with our friends from high school, sharing memories of our pasts while creating new memories with our spouses and expanding families. Why is it, then, that high school is where best friends first meet? No matter how many new friends you make throughout your lifetime, the first best friend you truly ever had was most likely in high school. From confidence boosts to reality checks, here are 10 reasons why you met your best friend in high school.

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Have you ever been in need of a pick me up? Back in the days before the internet, it was hard to just randomly come across a picture that really brightened your day; unless you had a scrapbook full of Polaroid pictures laying around, it was tough. Now you can find happy pictures anywhere, and it’s awesome. Some pictures are so adorable they’re called eye bleach, because they wash away all of the awful things you’ve seen on the internet. We found 20 of the best ones that will put a smile on your face.

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People love photo booths, it gives us an opportunity to take a few quick photos with our friends without having to ask someone to hold our cameras; photo booths are pretty popular in malls, amusement parks, and parties, but for the most part they’re only used by humans.

These days it’s not only people, but dogs that have taken to hopping into these photo booths. Dogs don’t know that there’s pictures being taken of them, so the photos end up being funnier than what a human can take; the end results are both hilarious and cute. Here are the best photos of dogs in photo booths.

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Who are the greatest magicians of all time? Usually you think of people like Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, David Blaine, or Penn and Teller. You don’t often think of horses when it comes to pulling off great magic tricks. Maybe you should think again!

One horse in Michigan on the Misty Meadows Farms might just be the next great escape artist. Meet Mariska, a black horse who just doesn’t want to be in her stable anymore, and doesn’t want to see her friends locked up either. Mariska starts her great escape by unlocking the gate on the stable with her teeth; from there she walks down the line, and lets all of her friends out the same way so they can run around free in the pasture.

As you can imagine, Mariska’s little escape act is a little cumbersome for the owners of the farm. Mariska doesn’t seem to care, and she keeps getting out of whichever stable they decide to put her in: she even opens up the freezer in her stall so she can get a little treat! It’s an amazing ability for a horse unless you’re the one that has to keep putting her back. It’s a constant battle, and one that you are likely to lose each time.

There’s no place that can contain Mariska, and as time goes on it seems she was just meant to run free. Here is the video from MistySandy‘s YouTube channel of Mariska opening just about every door that she can get her hands….or teeth onto. It’s very mischievous but very entertaining.

Did you know horses have the exact same animal rights as livestock? If you think that they are intelligent animals and should have better rights please SHARE THIS VIDEO on your facebook page to spread the word!

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The world we live in today can seem kind of grim, and a lot of that has to do with the news outlets all over the world that only point out the bad things that are happening. It can be overwhelming to see all of these negative stories almost 24 hours a day, and a lot of people are fed up with it.

If you want to get away from all of the negativity, and enjoy something that’s bound to brighten your day, a random act of kindness is the way to do it. Thankfully people are still posting photos of these moments, and we found 12 that are truly amazing.

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One of the problems we can all agree should end right away is child abuse; too many children are being neglected, abused, and the victims of these tragedies remain scarred forever. There is an eight year old girl named Marie Surprenant that was abused when she was just an infant, and it has left her unable to walk.

Surprenant recently wrote a letter in response to the abuse that she suffered through, and it was directed toward the social workers and detectives of her case. When Marie was admitted to the hospital as a baby, she pointed out that her father “lied and said I fell out of the bed.” That’s when social workers and detectives were brought in, to make sure that Marie didn’t have “bad guys hurting me or anyone else.”

It’s an inspiring letter, and Marie says that she is finally happy now in a safe environment. One of the social workers, Michele Surprenant, adopted Marie out of foster care almost instantly after she was released from the hospital. Michele pointed out to Marie that social workers are good people, not ones that want to strip children away from their parents.


After developing a trust with Marie, Michele was able to adopt her into a warm and comforting home: even if Marie wasn’t a fan of the new family dog. Marie described her new dog as “loud as a vacuum, and sounds like an old man” when he snores; despite that, Marie is happy that she has two cats, a lizard, and loves her new school.

One of the sustaining injuries that has resulted from Marie’s paralysis is scoliosis, and the child needs to visit the hospital every few months for surgery. Marie is slowly putting her past behind her, and looks forward to life in Michele’s home. When she grows up, Marie wants to be a surgeon who can help others that have the same condition she does. She doesn’t want to work the 6 a.m. shift like her surgeon does, but maybe there’s something later in the day for her. Read the note that Marie wrote below:

Children's Health Care of Atlanta
Children’s Health Care of Atlanta

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Hope For Paws has helped a lot of abandoned dogs over the years, but perhaps this one has the saddest background story; one concerned witness called the organization after they witnessed something truly terrible: a dog had been beaten, and thrown nearly 30 feet down into a canal in the Los Angeles River.

The dog was sitting hopeless and shaking at the bottom of the river, and the group had to take a ladder down into the canal to approach it; it had made its new home on an empty bag of chips, and started to cry when people started to pet and care for him. It’s pretty obvious why the puppy had some concerns with people: as it was apparent that someone had cut off his foot.

The dog was lifted up out of the canal and taken immediately to the hospital; on the way there, Hope For Paws gave the poor pooch the name Jordan, and doctors said that the fact he was still alive was nothing short of miraculous; Jordan was diagnosed with mange, bacterial infections, and was severely malnourished.

Jordan made it through the night, and continued to receive treatment at the animal hospital until being taken into surgery on his fourth day there. Just a week later, Jordan was finally well enough to be taken in by a foster family. The family already had a couple of dogs from previous rescues, and they all instantly got along. Jordan is now fully recovered from his injuries, and the three legged wonder dog has never been happier.

Check out the full story below.

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When it comes to urban legends the one place in the world that has the most of them is Walt Disneyland; the theme park in Anaheim, California, is perhaps the most famous theme park ever created. There have been many rumors over the years that Disneyland is haunted, and rumors of Walt Disney’s ghost himself wandering around the park have been numerous.

Security guards are at the park 24 hours a day, and one of them noticed something odd on the video cameras. The guard immediately took out his cell phone and caught an eerie video in one section of the theme park; there were no other guards walking in that area at the time, and the guard seemingly caught a ghost on tape.

Then again, this is Disneyland after all, and they are known for special effects. Perhaps it was just a reflection or some other optical illusion. The ghost was posted to a YouTube account with only one video, and was aptly named ghostatdisneyland. You can see a shadowy figure walking down the sidewalk on the video, and it’s sure to give you chills.

Check out the video below, and be the judge for yourself. Is it a ghost? Is it something else? Without a doubt it’s super creepy, and is perhaps Walt Disney being caught on film admiring his creation. You won’t get to see this during the day, so if you want to see the ghosts in person, you might have to get a job at the theme park!

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When you do enough random things with your free time, and wind up inventing things such as matchbox rockets: you earn the nickname of “The King of Random.” That’s what happened with Grant Thompson, the YouTube sensation that has come up with countless household inventions, with quite possibly the best being the matchbox rocket kit.

All you need to make your own rockets that can launch up to 40 feet is a matchbox and some aluminum foil; that sounds too easy, right? It really is that simple, and it only takes a couple of minutes to make your own rocket. A few matches set aside in a box, a few matches with the heads cut off into a bottle cap, and you have a perfect working rocket ready for takeoff!

You won’t want to do this inside where there are carpets, because it can certainly leave small scorches; it can also burn your finger, so make sure to be careful. Launching this rocket can be a bit hard to do outside since the wind can pick up the flame on the candle and disrupt the launch, but at least there isn’t as much stuff to break. If you are under the age of 18 please make sure to get your parents’ permission before building an explosive; they probably wouldn’t like it too much if you left a bunch of burn marks on their floor. Make sure to check the video below to get the full step by step instructions.


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If it saddens you to see a puppy without a home then you aren’t the only one who feels that way, and it’s such a gut wrenching feeling that even cats are compelled to help. That’s what happened in Cleveland when one cat adopted a puppy as her own just days after the puppy was born. The puppy’s name is Norland, and he is a Pit Bull that was abandoned shortly after birth; were it not for this cat, then Norland would have no chance of survival. What the shelter did next was an experiment that ended as a success for everyone: a cat named Merlene gave birth to a litter of kittens, and took Norland in. Norland was treated like another kitten, and Merlene even started to act motherly toward the adopted puppy; Marlene would clean, and cuddle Norland to keep him safe. Norland seems to have no idea that he will grow up to be much larger than his feline brothers and sisters in the shelter; it’s adorable to think about how one animal can get picked up, and blend in right away. Merlene even started to get concerned when members of the shelter began bottle feeding Norland, as she felt it was her job to keep the puppy fed. It will be interesting to see how the grown up Norland acts, but we’re expecting some cat like tendencies to stay, coupled with an incredible knack for climbing. Check out the story below from Annette Lawless‘ YouTube channel.

Do your part in spreading the word about rescuing animals that desperately need homes by SHARING THIS VIDEO on your Facebook page 🙂

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No matter how much progress has been made over the last few generations, racism is unfortunately still very real; one man from Minnesota discovered this firsthand after he adopted an African American girl. Bradley Knudson stated that “he has seen racism from people in the past, but nothing that could prepare him for what his daughter would face on Snapchat.”

Snapchats are short photos and videos that self-delete after a few seconds, and Knudson’s daughter has received numerous offensive ones from other children in her school. When his daughter’s friend made him aware of the nasty messages his child was receiving, Knudson saw with his own eyes what his daughter had been reading; what he saw was shocking: repeated racial slurs, targeted insults, and general bullying laced his daughter’s phone.

Knudson attempted to contact the parents of the children that sent the videos, but had very little success; when he got upset about the lack of action from the other parents, Knudson contacted the police to settle matters. Finally Bradley received a response from the other parents in the form of nasty voice messages using some of the same language their children did.

Knudson is now posting this video to show the effect bullying can have on children, and noted a family friend that had already taken their own life as a result of being bullied. Knudson says that the bully’s parents didn’t care that he was making a video, and even said that using their full name is not a concern for them.

Knudson needed some relief, and had to get this off of his chest; he is hoping to raise enough support that schools take stronger action against the new forms of cyber bullying that kids are using. It’s a tragedy that there are still people who have to face this kind of hardship, but Knudson is hoping to change that. Check out the video below from Bradley Knudson‘s YouTube channel.

Warning: This video contains very graphic language.


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Have you ever seen a photograph and thought it was the best photo ever taken? It could be an image that changes your life forever or simply takes your breath away for a moment; photos of this magnitude can be pretty hard to come by, but when you find them it’s amazing!

Some people spend their entire lives hunting for the perfect picture, and very few have found it. You know a great picture when you see it, and we have found some to show you; here are 15 photos that are so captivating they will leave you speechless.