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  • 10 Reasons Why You Met Your Best Friend in High School

    As high school graduation draws closer for seniors, they are often warned to say goodbye to their friends as their lives transition into college and adulthood. In fact, many people claim that high school is the final goodbye of best friends as attending different colleges, meeting new people and finding new interests often separate even […]

  • 20 Photos That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

    Have you ever been in need of a pick me up? Back in the days before the internet, it was hard to just randomly come across a picture that really brightened your day; unless you had a scrapbook full of Polaroid pictures laying around, it was tough. Now you can find happy pictures anywhere, and […]

  • 11 Awesome Photos of Dogs in Photo Booths

    People love photo booths, it gives us an opportunity to take a few quick photos with our friends without having to ask someone to hold our cameras; photo booths are pretty popular in malls, amusement parks, and parties, but for the most part they’re only used by humans. These days it’s not only people, but dogs […]

  • Sneaky Horse Shocks Dumbfounded Owners When He Sets His Pals Free

    Who are the greatest magicians of all time? Usually you think of people like Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, David Blaine, or Penn and Teller. You don’t often think of horses when it comes to pulling off great magic tricks. Maybe you should think again! One horse in Michigan on the Misty Meadows Farms might just […]

  • 12 Random Acts of Kindness to Brighten Your Day

    The world we live in today can seem kind of grim, and a lot of that has to do with the news outlets all over the world that only point out the bad things that are happening. It can be overwhelming to see all of these negative stories almost 24 hours a day, and a […]

  • 8 Year Old Abuse Victim Pours Her Heart Out in a Thank You Letter

    One of the problems we can all agree should end right away is child abuse; too many children are being neglected, abused, and the victims of these tragedies remain scarred forever. There is an eight year old girl named Marie Surprenant that was abused when she was just an infant, and it has left her […]

  • Brave Puppy Rescued from Los Angeles River

    Hope For Paws has helped a lot of abandoned dogs over the years, but perhaps this one has the saddest background story; one concerned witness called the organization after they witnessed something truly terrible: a dog had been beaten, and thrown nearly 30 feet down into a canal in the Los Angeles River. The dog […]

  • Ghost Caught on Disneyland Cameras

    When it comes to urban legends the one place in the world that has the most of them is Walt Disneyland; the theme park in Anaheim, California, is perhaps the most famous theme park ever created. There have been many rumors over the years that Disneyland is haunted, and rumors of Walt Disney’s ghost himself […]

  • Desktop Rockets Can Be Launched With Matches

    When you do enough random things with your free time, and wind up inventing things such as matchbox rockets: you earn the nickname of “The King of Random.” That’s what happened with Grant Thompson, the YouTube sensation that has come up with countless household inventions, with quite possibly the best being the matchbox rocket kit. All […]

  • Mamma Cat Nurses Abandoned Orphan Puppy Back To Health

    If it saddens you to see a puppy without a home then you aren’t the only one who feels that way, and it’s such a gut wrenching feeling that even cats are compelled to help. That’s what happened in Cleveland when one cat adopted a puppy as her own just days after the puppy was […]

  • Dad Gets Revenge on Daughter’s Bullies on YouTube

    No matter how much progress has been made over the last few generations, racism is unfortunately still very real; one man from Minnesota discovered this firsthand after he adopted an African American girl. Bradley Knudson stated that “he has seen racism from people in the past, but nothing that could prepare him for what his […]

  • 15 Photos That Will Leave You Completely Speechless

    Have you ever seen a photograph and thought it was the best photo ever taken? It could be an image that changes your life forever or simply takes your breath away for a moment; photos of this magnitude can be pretty hard to come by, but when you find them it’s amazing! Some people spend […]