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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! From the newsboys of decades past to the headlines of tabloids, we thrive on news of current events, local happenings and the juiciest celebrity gossip.  In fact, in a world of perpetual news feed updates and endless gossip, it’s nice to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and the morning paper on occasion, don’t you agree? At least the newspaper doesn’t tweet or ding, beep or buzz with an update in the wee morning hours!

Despite the majority of news updates coming through smartphones and tablets, newspapers are still being printed and read (we know it’s hard to imagine!). But, where online media has the edge on instant updates, once the newspaper ink is dry, it’s forever printed as yesterday’s news delivered today. With editing at the touch of a button for online news outlets, newspapers have a hard way to go as one error can wreak havoc on an entire story. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 16 hysterically funny failures of news headlines!

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Have you ever seen a rainbow or a falling star? Have you ever looked at the Milky Way or studied the moon? Perhaps you’ve visited the Grand Canyon or been on an African safari. Whatever the case, nature is an exquisite canvas filled with remarkable and awe-inspiring phenomenon.

The world’s greatest masterpieces occur in nature, making for unspeakable displays of beauty and heart-wrenching tragedy that look like something straight from a science fiction movie. From something as beautiful as a thunderstorm to even the devastating effects of an earthquake, the acts of nature differ in magnitude or intensity but, nevertheless, forever affect the lives of nearby residents and witnesses.

Imagining a natural event is often left to one’s creativity but, on rare occasions, people get to witness some of the Earth’s most beautiful occurrences that are otherwise hard to fathom. Thanks to these moments, we bring you 15 exquisite wonders of the world that will inspire you and change your perspective of natural beauty.

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There is no such thing as bad publicity, or is there? From magazine covers to the paparazzi flash, Hollywood is known for its long list of celebrities and wannabes seeking to gain fortune and fame from their looks and talent, all featured on the latest magazine covers or gossip column. With diva demands and outrageously jaw-dropping actions, fans are used to having love-hate relationships with Hollywood’s hottest.

But, despite all of their obnoxious behavior and bad attitudes, we can’t help but want more of these celebrities, waiting impatiently for the next bratty word of ungratefulness out of their plump Botox mouths. In fact, we shake our heads in disgust as we look for more juicy gossip on their lives. (Ok, we admit it: it’s definitely a guilty pleasure!) Well, if you’re short on gossip, we have put together a list of the top 14 celebrity douchebags who we are sure you’ll agree deserves the top spot! Sit back, relax and get ready to roll your eyes at some of Hollywood’s most obnoxious offenders!

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Buttery popcorn and extra-large cokes, boxed candy and two hours of pure uninterrupted bliss will forever be considered magical thanks to the wonder of Hollywood’s silver screen. From relaxing with friends to date nights, movies create ways for us to bond with friends and family while sharing laughter and stories. In fact, good movies are not only enjoyable, they are quotable and memorable, forever transporting us into the movie itself as a brief getaway from reality.

The movie scene is incredible as A-list Hollywood stars are cast into the biggest blockbusters of the year, not to mention the outstanding talent of writers, directors and production crews who make the movie itself truly remarkable. This silver screen success, however, is also a huge gamble because so much is at stake from the right casting to the special effects. One poor choice and the movie could flop to new levels, forever embedded into movie critic reviews as the suckiest movie of the season!

Big gambles, however, often bring great reward! With movies today running well into the millions to create, producers take a huge leap of faith that moviegoers will support the latest releases on the silver screen. We found 16 movie favorites that are actually the most expensive movies of all time. Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy our list!

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The art of tattooing has long been a part of cultures spanning the globe, beginning as a practice and tradition in many countries centuries ago. During the early life of tattooing, the permanent ink served many purposes such as a rite of passage, a mark of status or a rank and symbol of religious belief and devotion. In fact, various tribes around the world often believed that tattoos carried magical qualities that helped further protect them from enemies or barriers.

Today, tattoos have become quite common with meanings that span from professions of love and drunken nights to symbols of religion and memories of a loved one. Some tattoos mark memberships into certain clubs while others serve as a permanent reminder of a moment in time. With a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, the world of tattooing is now a highly profitable industry, even with reality television shows dedicated to the artistry. Needless to say, there are some incredible tattoos in the world and we have found 15 of the craziest tattoos that you’ll have to see to believe!

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Many people live by the adage that Duct tape and WD-40 can fix just about anything. To be honest, we can’t really argue with that since we tend to fix everything with the dynamic duo as well! While the pair is used for everything under the sun, this list focuses on the sticky side of things: the miraculous wonders of Duct tape.

Duct tape was first thought of by Vesta Stoudt, a factory worker and mother who worried that problems with ammunition box seals would cost soldiers precious time in battle. Vesta wrote of her concern and her solution to the President of the United States who then forwarded the idea to the War Production Board. Eventually, it reached the hands of Johnson and Johnson, leading to Duct Tape as we know it today.

Commonly used for sealing and ventilation needs, Duct Tape has filled a deep void as its practical application is endless, reaching as far as space itself in its use in spaceflight. But, necessity being the true mother of invention (sorry, Vesta), we have found that Duct Tape can also be used in awesomely clever ways. In fact, we found 18 insane Duct Tape creations, uses and absurdities you are sure to enjoy!

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From cave dwelling hunters to technologically adept individuals who can now change the television channel with an app on a smartphone or with the sound of their voice, the progression of humans has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. But, despite this remarkable evolution, humans still have the same primal instincts of our cave-dwelling ancestors who used these natural abilities to hunt for food and survive harsh conditions.

One of these primal instincts is called Pareidolia, which is the ability to recognize a face or patterns and shapes out of ordinary objects. Think we’re crazy, too? Do you remember as a child when you could easily see faces and shapes in clouds or ordinary objects? That’s pareidolia and is our brain’s way of telling us, as it did early in our evolution, that something could be a potential threat. Now, we’re fairly certain that clouds never intended to harm us, but it’s still very cool to see how our brains work to protect us from harm’s way. Take a look at these 15 freaky and frightening images of everyday items and see true pareidolia at work!

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We swat mosquitoes and shriek at spiders, walk over ants and dodge wasps but have we ever considered the beauty of bugs? Insects are actually the most diverse creatures on the planet and, even though we don’t (or hate to) admit it, insects play a huge role in our lives. Many of us are afraid of certain types of insects while we easily dismiss the value or presence of others because of their tiny size. But, have you ever looked at a bug up close?

Although we learn about insects in school and their role in the world around us, only a few people actually go on to further study and appreciate them. In fact, if you haven’t really looked at bug up close out of fear or disgust, you are far from alone as this is the case for so many of us avoiding the creepy crawlers at all costs! From long legs to big eyes and tentacles, we are making it easy for you to get an up-close look of some of the most common insects without actually having to touch or be near them! Let’s take a moment to discover the beauty in this creepy crawling adventure of 15 amazing macro images of common insects!