Abandoned Pit Bull Grateful For Rescue

Pit Bulls are abandoned more than any other breed of dog, and there are a lot of good people that are trying to fix that by adopting them; one group called Hope For Paws has taken a proactive stance by rescuing dogs that get abandoned on an almost daily basis. One of the most memorable discoveries that they have found so far is Bunny, the Pit Bull.

Bunny was abandoned behind a fenced in government property that the group could not access; in hopes of getting Bunny to squeeze through the fence, they offered her a cheeseburger. Bunny was able to get through, but was a bit skittish of people at first; when she noticed that the people weren’t going to do any harm, and only wanted to feed her and show her love, she started to warm up more.

Bunny was then taken in to the Hope For Paws shelter, where she was nursed back to health in a safer location than by herself in the wild. Bunny started to wag her tail as soon as she got out of the truck, and was given water; the dog that was entirely fearful of humans just moments before had started to gain trust with people again.

Bunny is now healthy and happy, and looking for a home; she is even interacting well with the other animals in the shelter, including the small kittens. Bunny is sure to find a good home by someone that sees this video from Hope For Paws‘ YouTube channel: as she has shown that she is a very loving and sweet dog.